Air Jordan 4 Black Cat 2019

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As a few have pointed out already (the lack of blackcat stitched on the tabs). I find it weird none of the reviewers on YouTube have mentioned this or done research. I’ve watched most of the reviews for this shoe and they all pretty much regurgitate the same thing but all lack the info on the missing blackcat being stitched. This shoe can’t be true to form with that missing detail. JB got the retro of the pure $ 4’s right with that detail (Pure $) included on the tab, how they dropped the ball with this is wild.
nobodys mentioning it because they never owned the original pair. you wouldnt notice in pics its only when your holding the shoe and actually looking it over its almost like an JB easter egg.


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Pics look good.

I remember having the OG's and they stayed looking fresh for awhile even after wearing them a lot.

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I can’t wait for these to drop. The OGs are the only shoe I ever lined up for during a midnight release when I was in college. I still have them, but looking forward to having these. The lack of “Black Cat” on the heel tab, while needed to be absolutely perfect, doesn’t bother me any. As long as every other detail is intact.
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I remember getting these on RD back at the old Niketown in Portland. Pretty sure that they came with a poster that I hung up right away.
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Need 💯 I passed on these back in 06 in favor of the pure$. can't wait to finally rock these.
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Not sure if these have been pushed back a week....some sites still have the 25th and some(FA and FTL) have February 1st now....
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REALLLY want these. I was a broke middle schooler when they first came out, glad I get another chance at them. I never hit on raffles for **** so I’ll just pay “resale” which’ll probably be $20 over retail on these joints lmao and that’s if they dont sit like the pure the pure moneys did in 17
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