Air Jordan 6 “3M Reflective Infrared”


formerly j o 19
Joined Oct 1, 2004
Got these yesterday from Fedex after the delay.. Probably unbox tonight after the gym. FCFS on apps makes me think I may be able to get a disco but I dont see myself letting these go if I cant get them at disco.
Joined Sep 25, 2012
man I hope these 6s (and 7s) make it to discounts>D i really like them but i don’t see myself paying $225 + tax for a no OG cw with a nike logo at the back>D
Joined Dec 20, 2014
For some reason none of the shoe stores anywhere around me are getting the 7s and 8s, just the 6s. Seems odd to me idk.

Same Ive been seeing. I think everyone like the 6s the best. I kinda like the 8s more... Nevertheless I just received confirmation from Hibbets on the 6s...

Joined Feb 3, 2019
There are literally no shoe stores in north central Indiana getting the 7s or 8s. I’ve called all of them lol. Everyone’s got the 6s though. Was really hoping i could walk outta the mall with all three tomorrow but o well I’ll have to try SNKRS.
Joined Jan 19, 2017
White socks..... And a drawstring that's goes past your short shorts, lol. Do yu brother, it looks hilarious to me though...
37 and think 8-9 inch seams right above the knee is short shorts. Maybe your Sean John denim shorts would look better post it up.
Joined Jan 4, 2004
$225 is too much for a NON-OG Colorway

JB seriously needs to stop playing around with the 6s. Those disgusting Black/Purple pony hairs with Nike Air and now these.

JB just give us OG Carmine 6s with NIKE AIR, stop playing.

Stop giving us crap colorways. Release the carmines with NA.
Joined Jan 14, 2017
I like these but $225 is rough
These will probably sell out
Maybe these will hit under retail on stockx after a few weeks or so
Joined Aug 3, 2013
The 7s are already round 200 in some sizes. The 6s and 8s have hovered around retail, little over. Good chance they could dip more, reflective kicks don’t typically do too well. Nike got me over the fence with that early drop, but I started wondering if I over paid shortly after. Would’ve been nice if retail was $200 instead. But, the material is actually pretty flexible for reflective.. and NA is nice.
Joined May 26, 2013
I was damn near ready to cop the 8s before I realized they were $225. Def not worth it imo. Will likely scoop if price ever comes down.
Joined Feb 3, 2019
Just picked up my 6s from finish line... headed to city gear to see if they’ve got any 7s left. City Gear got just the 7s for anybody looking.
Joined Jun 17, 2007
Snkrs sold out. Won $1000 on a lottery ticket, so I went ahead and pulled the trigger on FNL!! Nike Air got me. Ive got to slow down. This is my 5th purchase this year 3 pair of 6s (Pony Hair-StockX). Infrared and Shiny Infrared. Also got the Tinker 3s (White/Red) Stockx and Black Cement 4s. That NIKE AIR is a batch.
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