Air Jordan 6 retro NRG x Social Status - Cow fur/reptile - February 21 - $250

Joined Sep 8, 2002
That would of been dope colorway with Nike Air but no JB always gotta do some weird **** to it. They're testing yall limits. :lol::smh:
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Joined Apr 9, 2017
Black and purple huh... wish it were blue so it would match my cow fur Versace jacket. I'm just surprised the fur is real, must have got plugged with McDonald's.
Joined Jul 29, 2017
Yo seriously Gebtry needs to go back to whatever hole he's been hiding in the oast few years. I'm 100% conviconv dude gets paid under the table by adidas to undermine nike from within with bull**** kicks. These shoes would be an instant cop for me if only they used regular materials smh


Ok the problem I have is they have these mark as 190 with Nike air on the a** and knowing jb they gone mark the infrared 220 if they do that bs Gentry and his lame release
Joined Aug 19, 2016
I'm convinced these and many other JB ideas are just the results of inter-office games and bets lost, maybe drunken after work parties, where the creative teams make terrible decisions and are forced into coming up, pitching or approving ideas like this.

I think there's a am 97 inspired by the shipping boxes. Then there's the logo on the box we all hate.
I wonder how the factory workers feel about putting together some of these things.
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