Air Jordan 6 retro NRG x Social Status - Cow fur/reptile - February 21 - $250

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This. I hope this is the beginning of the opening of the Nike Air floodgates for 3-6. It’s probably not but that’s the only positive I can come up with for these.
I guarantee you when they do that, they will eventually start re-releasing popular Retro+ cws (I.e. CG 4s, Bel Air 5s, UNC 6s, etc. etc.) with Nike Air so people buy them again.

I won’t even lie, I’d buy NA Fear 4s in a heartbeat.

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I think they're testing the waters for Nike Air on the back of non OG colorways.

Just as they tested the water with releasing the True Blue 3's with the jump man instead of Nike Air in 2003.

If they start seeing a market for it and it sells best believe as someone said everything will get Nike Air and all those other nice retro + colorways will released with Nike Air.
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On first look no but these are actually hard.

The purple and pony hair look well well together.


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Nobody is opposed to the colorway....matter of fact it's dope!
It's the wheel of mystery materials game JB loves to play :smh:
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It's called pony hair not cow hair


It actually is cow fur... but this does make me wonder what the $400 Pony Hair Premium 4s are.

Anyway I do like these... I have always complained about JB charging ridiculous prices for synthetic leather shoes, so I almost feel obligated to get them now that I can rock several dead animals on my feet with Nike Air or Jordan logo on it. I like the colorway. I like the materials. I like the fact that they are loud snd noticable because that's how I feel Jordans should be. If it's not too much of a hassle and not needlessly expensive I will probably try to get these. If I can get them in discount even better, but I don't see a lot of these being made. I am just upset that I can't rock these with the above coat because they don't match, but I like that they are black and purple more because I have too many blue shoes and I wouldn't rock these often anyway.
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