Air Jordan 60+ White/V-Red

Mar 28, 2008
I find it amazing that they actually manage to make these frankesteins worse with each iteration. I didn't think that would be possible having started withthe horrible dub zero, but they really have managed to get worse and worse.

at least this is a nice simple colorway, hard to appreciate on this monstrosity tho.
i just cant believe that they think these will be the hottest things in the streets. there just horrible, SMH at JB once more.
Make it and they will buy. SMH at the future (and present) state of the shoe game.
^no they do not look "ight"....they are straight basura....if somebody gave me a 1of1 with my name laser etched all over the shoe, i'd still sellit....
these shoes r da worst by far dey need 2 scrap all da colorways 4 these shoes no matter wat colors u put on em grape,bred,cement dis shoe is jus garbage period
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