Air Jordan '85 Shirt/Coca Cola Back?

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Hi everyone,

A few years ago I purchased a vintage 1985 Nike Air Jordan t-shirt on ebay for about 60 bucks.  It's red and it's got the original wings logo on front.  Pretty good condition, a couple small holes on the front near the bottom, looks like someone used it while opening bottles.  It's got the Nike blue tag on the inside, size XL but fits pretty snug.  It's certainly really's worn pretty thin.

Anyway, on the back across the shoulders is a Coca Cola logo which I found odd.  I can post some images of it later but I'm not sure why it was there.  I got the shirt, a few years ago, wore it a few times and never thought much of it until I started wearing it again recently.  The Coca Cola logo is really worn out and faded, falling apart.

Is this an authentic vintage shirt or was it given away at a game or something?  Any help is appreciated.  


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I have no info about the shirt. But I do have a question, why did you spend $60 on a old t-shirt with holes in it?????
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