Air Jordan 9 retro - “Dream it, Do it” - 3-9-19 - $190 - 3/9/19


Joined Sep 21, 2012
Well I'll be another 9 for me to pass on just like those winterize ones.
Joined Sep 8, 2002
Imo multicolor blocking does not work on a model. These JB designers gone Westbrook. :lol::smh:
Joined Feb 23, 2014
I wonder if people back in the 80s, felt the same way we feel now about these releases. I feel like its 1985 and I'm lookin at a poster of 1s in 20 colorways and goin.... Meh. But 30 yrs from now, some kids are gonna be like, "whooooooooa Croc XI lows OMG". never know.
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