Air Jordan 9 The Spirit August 22nd, 2015

Chill Bill

formerly ihaveaquestion
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Air Jordan 9
White/Black-Militia Green
August 22nd 2015

The Militia Green Air Jordan 9 “Copper Statue” is one of the newest Air Jordan 9 colorways to debut later this year that is inspired by the Michael Jordan Statue – which was unveiled at the United Center on November 1st, 1994. On the statue Michael Jordan is wearing the classic Air Jordan 9 silhouette.

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Chill Bill

formerly ihaveaquestion
Joined Nov 16, 2014
At first look I thought they were Gold and that's what caught my eye

I can see these doing numbers but that's from my point of view
Joined Jan 3, 2013
Looking like some "diarrhea" 9's.  Like someone was wearing some nice white pants and than uh oh 

If they were gold, the hype would be serious!  JB is really starting to just throw anything out, testing how good they do, and how bad the people want J's.  There will always be certain color ways to keep me coming back, but now a days, a good JB releases is few and far apart.  Not to mention I'm trying to taper off of buying shoes in general.

Other nicknames include: booger 9's, puke 9's, oscar the grouch's garbage pail 9's 
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Well, it looks like the Morons at JB are keeping the jumpman in the wrong direction on the left shoe. :smh:
Joined May 24, 2014
Coulda been any other color and would have been decent or even great. Color blocking so simple and so easy and they still ruined it. 

No faith in these clowns anymore. It's no wonder all but one of my Jordan retros are OG colorways.
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