Air Jordan "Fear" TRIPLE PACK III/IV/V

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the greyscale iv's everyone but me hates are apparently a part of a triple pack, along with the below PS estimates of the other two kicks

********images edit*******

according to

edit: the above photoshops of the 3's and 5's are not accurate

also see this info

:lol: I'm glad alot of you guys save me the trouble from creating these threads .. but yeah these will be very detailed. The Vs look will not be those Oreo's above, more like that Olive V color, darker though, with a splash of oatmeal (that's the description that was giving to me). I was told blood splatter on 1 pair (not sure which one, I think the 4s) but JB will not promote it that way because there are people actually getting killed over kicks, so they'll put a spin on it .. the pack itself is supposed to have 3 different themes, "fear" "element" and I can't remember the last one ( gotta stop getting FADED :pimp: ) ... If I get more info I'll pass it along.

I'll wait for more info, you know how JB likes to switch things up ALL the time :smh: ... My boy is not in the office as much as he use too be, so sometimes he misses the in-house chatter and last min changes. Don't want anyone bashing me or throwing stones my way for trying to be helpful, that's why I don't create threads and try to be selective with what I say since the info comes in very early.

Like I told you last nite KK34, already got info from here until the 29s drop, which will be MADE IN ITALY :wow:, but it would be pointless to create a thread knowing things will change up. We all know NT doesn't like change :lol:

Also, shout out to KofNY04 and JM, those dudes stay on point with the info as well :nthat:
CS23 has suddenly increased my interest in these kicks.

Air Jordan III (3) “Fear” QS
Colorway: Night Stadium/Total Orange-Black-Neutral Grey

Release Date: 8/17/13

Retail: $175

Product Code: 626967-040

Air Jordan IV (4) “Fear QS
Colorway: Black/White-Cool Grey-Pure Platinum

Release Date: 8/24/13

Retail: $175

Product Code: 626969-030

Air Jordan V (5) “Fear QS
Colorway: Sequoia/Fire Red-Medium Olive-Black

Release Date: 8/24/13

Retail: $160

Product Code: 626971-350

For anyone that plans on calling local stores or customer service numbers.
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black cements and the vs with a midsole repaint = 
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the 3s are surprisingly OK in that pic. not great but way better than the 4s and 5s and i'm normally not a 3 man.
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Makes sense not coping any tho, waiting for november

Would cop the 4s over all the other shoes in the pack
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Out of all of dem i would cop da 3s. Den da 4s. 5 i wouldnt eem touch. Hate whitemidsoles on 5s.
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Those 3s will probably be durabuck but idc those are dope.

Gotta see the 4s in person.
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And those 3s without the gay ***** Oreo crap are straight fire. Would have everyone coppin and that's a fact
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The best colorway imo is the 5's. the other 2 just seemed rushed, no thought process.

The thing that killed the 5's is the ashy larry suede. Money saved on all of them.


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once we see real pics of the III's those might be copped

but the IV an V are complete and utter trash
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Loving the 4's those will be copped. The speckles on the 3 just don't fit next to the elephant print but Im prolly just bias (I hate 3s) and the 5s are just 
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i hope the grey scale from the iv's are on the others. those ps 3's are too much like bc's for my liking.
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