Air Jordan Force (AJF4) Black/Cement Grey-Fire red

Jun 29, 2000
I'm not into Fusions, but I have no complaints about these! What do you guys think?

More pics at Air 23.

More pics at Air 23.
not bad. supposed to be trading for the CDP but this dude keeps ignoring his PMs.

these are better than the first samples.

maybe i'll cop during a 50% off weekend.
i think the 4's are the best fusions so far, i havnt copped any of the other ones, but these and the red one that were showed the other day are pretty hot
Originally Posted by eL sHaq

these r dope %%+* all oyu haters !
I think you are missing the true meaning of the term haters. not liking a shoe because it is not true to the original is not hating. it is amatter of opinion. this term is overused enough..
as far as the shoe. it doesn't look that bad IMO, but there is no way I'd buy it. I don't really see the point of any of the fusions. maybeit's because I am not a fan of the chunky AF1 midsole, or maybe it's because it doesn't make sense to me to slap one on a lovely jordan upper.. but they are good for the kiddies and the people who think hating means not liking something for a good reason
This is a typical JB fusion thread,,like seriously what you expected?...something hot,,,obviously fusions are seling because more and more keepdropping,,everyone knew this was coming and ya act surprised,,,,,,,I don't even see a reason anymore of posting fusions if all the answers are gonna be thesame.

But anyway,,,I rarely like the fusions but everyone is entitled to there opinion and I like the way the fusion 4s have come out,,these and the fusion 9s havebeen the best and closest fusions to date.
This is so stupid, instead of spending time and money making these fusions, they should have put all that towards making a good quality retro 4 in the CDP.
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