Air Jordan Future Featuring xi sole 2014

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Don't worry u dummies they'll release every colorway you've ever imagined in your little wet dreams. You'll line up & down the block like u always do & you'll hand over that $185 quietly. Just remember when you're giving the cashier your mom's chargecard, $185 (don't forget the tax!) rePresents 20 hours of boring *** work at your minimum *** wage job. Please JB quench the thirst. Give them the black & red combo. But make it limited so they have to fight for it like animals :lam
Sad…but true. 
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I don't mean original as in new idea or concept just a new shoe. The Wolf Grey V isn't a new silhouette the V is from 1990. This is the best shoe for JB to come out with since the XIII's IMO.
I have to disagree on that the 19se and xx3 were awesome I also think the xx8 look good regular and se but I know like this shoe i'm in the minority with that thought
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please everybody take a look at this post which seems to have been forgotten

so I see them as the cheapest Jordan lifestyle behind retro 1's
Cheapest lifestyle available or cheapest ever? Because JB did this grown lifestyle thing a while back that didnt really take off.

Jordan V.9 - $90.00 MSRP

View media item 809716
Jordan X Auto Clave - $110.00 MSRP

View media item 809722
Jordan V.5 Grown Low - $80.00 MSRP

View media item 809719
Jordan V.2 Grown - $90.00 MSRP

View media item 809727
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Cheapest lifestyle available or cheapest ever? Because JB did this grown lifestyle thing a while back that didnt really take off.

Jordan V.9 - $90.00 MSRP

Jordan X Auto Clave - $110.00 MSRP

Jordan V.5 Grown Low - $80.00 MSRP

Jordan V.2 Grown - $90.00 MSRP
in the since that these don't have lifestyle soles like the ones above, 7734 I have 2prs of xii claves.....i'm jay walking into upscale joints
  wait hmmm
 someone help me
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I guess JB is gonna go all in with this idea. I haven't seen these on NT yet.

Introducing the Jordan Shine

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH This can't be real. Funny thing is the crowd who loves pink like foams and all that garbage would cop any Jordan that was all pink like that.  Half the team jordans of the last 2 years would sell well in that colorway


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I like em all. Glad thers nuttin in March for me to cop as in Retros. Im a fan of mostly all of em, really like the Blk/Elec Green, Blk/Clear bottom, Blk/Gum bottom, Blk/Red bottom.
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What CW is releasing on the 1st? KOF says it's both the red soles & clear ones. Sole Collector, black/volt.

Anyone know? Thanks.


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i'll fight my wife in a ring of fire with glass sean claude van damn knuckles from kickboxer if she attempts to buy me these...
on so many levels, this is the best thing ive seen in this thread and quite possibly the jordan forum in quite some time. thank you.
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If these start at $150, they'll be the first 'affordable' woven for most woven heads to collect and gather, similar to the roshe guys. Probably trying to bring Jordan guys into light with their woven shoes.

Inneva's started at $200 with a flex/free sole. Other than the NRG's here, they could all be had for half price eventually.

Latest Desert Chukka Footscapes were Wovens with the Footscape soles. Price point $180. This was just 3-4 weeks ago but you could grab them for about 20-30% off now.

With the outdated XI soles on these they can crank down the price tag. I guess GITD ramps it up 30 bucks... 

It's a lifestyle shoe in the same mold as those I just mentioned above. Woven emphasis with a gimmicky XI sole... No less, no more, fashion kicks. The JB hype could ramp the demand for these way above those other ones, but then again it could fall flat, but knowing Nike, they'll work it so it'll be a hyped shoe in no time.

If they were flyknit bump that up another 50-100... look at the current prices on flyknit shoes with the Kobe 9's topping the price charts for flyknit material right now. The Kobe 9's looked ridiculous from early promo shots, but look at the chase on the latest MP and ASG's... its what it is ya?

Current FSB Flyknit Chukkas... they start at $200. Those models above are all relatively in the same category as these 'futures.' There's the reasoning for the price point on them.
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