Air Jordan I High OG "First Class Flight" ... 9/26/19

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I was in on these until I saw this tweet..

If the leather on these are like the phantoms it’s gonna be a super hard pass for me..
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Band aid 1s from a few years ago with yellow accents, a signature and a big *** barcode.

Pass..................But ill grab some 8-8.5 to sell, lol
Don't do that. That's my actual size and now I can't get my size because of the resellers getting them. Use to be easy.
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Will copp. Very limited. Talked to a few folks at the mall of america locations. HoH got 30 pairs mens. A few stores dont have their shipment yet. I think the footaction got half that. Champs in my area dont have em. Probably worth the doe if you doing it for that. I like them just because they're different.
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Only 1 store is getting here. Out of 5 shoe stores. And it's reservation. Going to have to test my luck on Nike. 7 min HS is going to get me no where.
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I had these in hand yesterday and they are like a "paper mache" leather feel/look. They look kind of like the leather on the Phantom 1's.
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