Air Jordan IV “Black/Cement” - May 4th 2019

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I'm intrigued by this iron method yall speak of. does it effect the fit at all? any vids on how to do it? I couldn't find any on youtube
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I'm intrigued by this iron method yall speak of. does it effect the fit at all? any vids on how to do it? I couldn't find any on youtube
The previous page has a post from rainking on what to do. Follow that.
No, it does not affect the fit whatsoever. And like J said, just literally follow my instructions from the previous page in this thread. I have said this a million times but I'll say it again: This is EASY. I didn't watch any videos before I did it--well I did watch ONE on YouTube months ago ONE time but it was for some Huaraches or something, and I certainly didn't use it as a guide when I finally got around to doing it this week--I just followed what someone else said about it on here, also months ago. That's why I just laid out what to do in my previous post a page back.

Maybe my years of ironing clothes made this easier to swallow for me, I dunno. But this really is as simple as I laid it out. I too had big reservations before I did it because it was unknown territory for me and I expected trouble, but I can tell you now that it's not even a thing. Just stuff the toes fully, use a shoe tree, don't hold your iron on the shoes like the Hulk, and stick to all of my other step by step instructions. If you do that, you'll find out real quick how this works. It's physically obvious as you're doing it. There is no advanced trick to this. The ONLY key thing is to make sure you stuff the toes fully because you need something backing them when you put your iron over the wet t shirt and start ironing. If I could figure this out on the first try, anyone can.
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:lol: I dont know man. My pair does not look that bad in my eyes. My luck, I would be "that guy" that would screw it up and be pissed. I will take your pair though.:lol: Job you did,:nthat:.

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Easy, yeah? Great job.
very easy, 10/10 would do it again :lol:

I have a second pair that you all are making me want to try this on.
do it, you really can't mess it up if you do everything that was posted

that reshape is not bad at all. very mild and not too flat. Just right to make a difference.
i wasn't trying to go for that flat slanted look. i wanted a more rounded toebox, so i pressed the iron around the edges in a semi-circle pattern.
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Vampires In Brooklyn - Evil Is Good-new01.gif


Vampires In Brooklyn - Evil Is Good-new02.gif



Now THIS is what we should've got this year!!!




It's REALLY ****** up too, because Nike was MORE than capable of doing so.


I'm a big fan of hoopfr3sh in general but I think he too made the lines too white/light on that pair.

Hmmm. OK, wow. Those look dope on first glance, but I'm with you 1978S 1978S . Those lines--if you're really going for the true-to-OG look--are too white and too stark. They look somewhat cartoonish, like those exaggerated art/drawing posters people sell on sites like Etsy. Just my opinion, no hate AT ALL. But in my world, light gray is what you want, not actual white. And I'm at a bit of a loss on the sail midsole repaint. Now people want their shoes to look slightly yellowed from new? They don't look bad AT ALL. They look cool in their own way ... but that's not an accurate representation of how the OGs or even '99s really looked out of the box. Not to me, anyway.
Now, that said, I would love to know how he got the lines onto the seam below the wings, and around the netting. My pair, there is basically no edge of the durabuck protruding out from the shoes to hit those areas much. I started on them and was able to get them in spots, but barely. It would take me a long, excessively patient time to do it more than I did, so I decided, I'm good LOL. But mad respect to him for that part of it.
Regardless, I love seeing people bringing these things way closer to where they should have been in the first place. Shame on Nike :lol:
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