Air Jordan IV “Black/Cement” - May 4th 2019

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Forgot I bought these and just saw the box while cleaning out my closet :lol:

Clear sign I'm washed and it's time to completely leave the sneaker game alone. I can't find the black cements I ordered two years ago anywhere either.
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Wow myself I would never trade Kaws for Travis Scott’s Not a Dan or the Jordan 6 at all don’t care what name is behind it.
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Has anyone gotten a pair of fake Jordan 4 Breds from StockX? I really slept hard on a pair. Thought I’d be done with jays, but damnnn i need these. I’ve seen way too many fakes and they’re really getting better nowadays.
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^I've heard a lot of ppl say things like ppl got fakes from stockx or that it would be too easy for the authenticators to be fooled by fakes

but I've also have not seen any real evidence of any actually receiving fakes from stockx

I wouldn't worry about it

if something goes wrong with a purchase from stockx it's much more likely to be for a different reason
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I know infrared 6s AAA variants were done so good that some one from here got a pair from stockx, few small things were what raised the red flag. If you are buying any popular OG model you are pretty much F'd unless you know what your looking for. These models are money makers for the replica sites because people are always buying them, and they are also GR models when released so the bulk stock numbers makes it seem like they should be "low" in market value however thats not the case they seem unlimited because they keep producing them.
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Yeah, that’s the exact pic I seen on eBay. They’re charging a fraction of the price. The only thing I can really see is that the cut on the toe box is sloppy. Someone needs to do a solid comparison of the two.
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