Air Jordan IV "Green Glow" Dark Grey/Green Glow/Cement Grey/Black FALL 2013

Joined May 26, 2006
Ive been trying to tell a few local people for weeks that these are really nice in person and the quality was on point. They still passed.
And now they talmbout they wish they had got em.

Sometimes you gotta look past the "non OG colorway" stigma alot of people have and realize
that some of the new colorways are hot. The same way Cool Grey, Tours and UNDFTD IVs arent OG colorways.
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got a tracking for NDC.
was at hoh at 5:50 to 6:10. it looked like everyone in line got the pairs that weren't picked up from raffle.
woulda got in line too if i didn't alrdy got two pairs coming in and if i had the birthday coupon with me.
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ever seen glow in the dark shoes at a night club?

The halloween edition 180's Glowed in the dark
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Still cant find a pair [emoji]128555[/emoji] Guys please help me , anyone who knows where i could find one? I checked other stores no avail size for me wahhhh [emoji]128555[/emoji][emoji]128555[/emoji][emoji]128555[/emoji][emoji]128555[/emoji]
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Rocked mine tonight, these are much better looking in person!

See these on eBay with no bids, make them an offer of 200 and someone is bound to sell them.
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I see a lot of people pissed off on IG and twitter because they thought they glowed in the dark 
 . People really need to start reading up on shoes they're interested in more.
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View media item 544192 View media item 544193 Copped my green glows today. From my local finishline. Not happy with what I seen when I got them home. Any suggestions on fixing this? Plz help. A mark right in the middle of shoe. Looks like glue but idk the eraser n brush kit didn't help. So I guess its a scuf. On the other shoe the blk mid sole looks faded.
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The Green Glows are in the top 50% tile for the retro 4's that have come out he past two years.  Great colors to wear with jeans.  I'm still searching for a pair in  my size, I hope I can find them.
Joined Jan 9, 2013
A month before release day the photo renderings had dark grey colored soles and now the recent pictures have white soles, which one was correct yesterday for the green glow release?
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