Air Jordan IX - Johnny Kilroy Commercial.....

^ so good. I love mid 90s Nike commercials. they didn't try to inspire anyone...they were just great, entertaining commercials.
the popcorn tape is the best commercial ever aired
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AHHHH those are all done by this advertsing company Wieden + Kennedy, I'm trying to get an internship with them, if you go to they've got all the Jordan commercials, including "An Air Jordan Christmas," which I am hoping they play this holiday season and release the OG I's, wishful thinking though right?
Nice, Ijap...I totally forgot about the Popcorn Tape commercial!
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HAHAHAHAHA, Harold "Baby Jordan" Minor. Whatever happened to that guy?
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Yeah I Loved This Commercial but my favorite Commercial of all time is the Gatorade commericial that aired on super bowl sunday about 4 years ago 23 vs 39 where the young mj was dunking on the older mj.
that was a great commercial but my favorite is the frozen moment or tell me and the XX1 love it
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lol sound like juelz ps aim jdhillon23
as much as i hate olive IXs, that commercial is :pimp:
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agreed popcorn tape is one of the best jordan commercials
i got some size 11 heat,deadstock. get at me
i always thought it was cool to see a lil comedy in Nike's advertising.
even though the XX3 commercial is nice, i'd rather watch mars blackmon, bugs bunny, and characters like johnny kilroy do their thing once in a while.
i kinda thought they tried to go back to that with the Tommy Davidson / Melo comercials way back when, but oh well...
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