Air Jordan X New York Knicks (White / Black – Royal Blue – Orange Flame) Update 4/13

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I rarely post in here anymore cuz it seems more and more kids join and its ridiculous the amount of useless posts in here but anywho I called Nike about metallic red foams and after she answered my question i also asked about city series X's, according to her NYK cw will release first and then the chicago's. Myself and GG posted last year that City Series X's will release in 2010 and some will be LS. I can confirm SAC, NYK, and CHI will release this year, as for the others just stay tuned. Take it for what it's worth, believe it or not, just helping out my fellow NTers that still care.


Due to the releases of charcoal 9s in September (check the release date thread) It seems the New York Knicks X are on hold until after black friday, a couple of samples were "taken" from the factory, so sure enough pics may surface soon with production date and code. As far as i know and the sample i seen, its really not the exact OG model but very identical color wise. 2 types of models were made, one with the toe box and one without.
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Thanks for the info I feel the exact same way about the kids in here and the useless threads but thanks 4 the info
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I can't wait... I love the 10's! Hopefully these don't squeak tho.... and yo u gotta post the best part of this shoe!

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First off: Thanks for the much appreciated info

Just WOW!
Everytime I think I've heard all of the release from JB this year, another retro gets added!
I don't even know whats going on! So many releases
P.S Not Complaining
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JB getting on the good foot this year. X's are one of my favorites, and these will be added to the collection.
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Whose going to win this year, Nike or Jordan Brand? Nike started strong, but JB finna droppin some heat this year. I am going to destroy my record of most money spent on kicks in a year.
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