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THX EDtrigger!!!!

Even I didn't read ur report, your photo already told us how much U love AJXXI


1. Ankle Support: 10/10
This is the phase that I can grade without wearing it many times. The protuberance on the lateral side plays a role of holding your ankles tight. In the past, most of the shoes are designed for grabbing your ankles by adding more stuffing into the upper; some of them would even change the stuffing style or complement a booty construction. In AJ21, you will see the both ways blended 2gether. Increased stuffing, ergonomic curve around the ankle zone; these two are the beef for fitting. Meanwhile, the red heel patch which goes straight to the top of collar strengthens the stability toward your Achilles. You can feel the leather on the upper around your ankle has been enhanced, which is similar to the upper material of Zoom LeBron III material wise.

When it comes to the collar height, you will notice that AJ21 is not as high as you think. Compared with AJ20, the top of collar design is almost the same. In AJ20, you can see the cutaway upper design for ankle support and stability. Regarding AJ21, its ankle support is apparently better than the former. To be more precise, the overall protection is much better without sacrificing versatility. The three eyelets on the top provide different wearers w/ their own needs for different foot types. Furthermore, because the leather here is much softer than the creation from the same designer (yes, I mean AJ1.5 here), if you tighten the top eyelets, you may pull the leather near your ankles closer for increasing support (please refer to the pic below).

2. Traction: 9.5/10
The traction of AJ20 really didnt live up to my exception and thats the main reason why I stop wearing it even if I love it much. I played in AJ20 on outdoor PU floor last year and I could tolerate the ankle strap of AJ20; and thats why AJ20 became my favorite thing. However, when I played on the hardwoods, the traction dropped dramatically. I had tried many ways (clean the outsole; play outdoors and then come into indoors) to improve that, but at last, I had to admit that the traction of AJ20 is totally unacceptable on the hardwood. I never wore AJ20 afterwards

The design inspiration of AJ21 is borrowed from the outlook of DNA. You can see the twisting little things aptly compose the outsole pattern for double layers. The horizontal scoop for different degrees of depth is designed for bending your forefoot; you may also see it on the woven style outsole of AJ19. The transparent rubber zone is rested on the spot that the designer would like to enhance the traction. In this way, AJ21 is transformed to single layer for those key performance areas to increase the dimension between outsole and the ground. AJ21 has provided me with sufficient support when I did several hardcuts and sudden stops. I almost have to wipe out the tear of joy when I play in AJ21!

Another good thing is, the outsole design of AJ20 has been extended to this impressive AJ21. As you can see, AJ20 and AJ21 almost share the same outsole pattern, even the outrigger (which is the best for me!). The only difference would be the range that I marked w/ a triangle, which increase the stability of heel (similar to AJ19, which use the outsole design construction to enhance the stability and support for left-to-right motion).

3. Comfort: 9/10
Oh my GodKAJ21 is leveled for Oh my GOD. The mesh ventilation hole on tongue speaks for itself. You wont feel any heat within AJ21 after tons of games. However, the mesh of general release version has been moved aside; you will see the outcome for that later. For stuffing around heel w/ square lining are excellent; you can feel the elasticity of it. Moreover, the square lining also keeps the stuffing in the right place. On my point of view, this design is good for support and protection.</div>

The tongue is mainly fixed by two elastics, which are made of different material from other shoes. They are softer and the material is also being used around the tongue. I feel that the laces design has been contributed to protection a lot. You can easily feel the wider and thicker laces around your feet. They work with the stuffing around your ankles and which are very satisfactory. The shoelaces design effectively decreases the uncomfortable feel from thin laces; you can tighten them without worrying that you might hurt your feet by thin ones. As for some of my friends who have questions about the arch, I can attest that to you, its quite similar to AJ20. However, you can feel the midfoot shank easier. As to AJ21, you still can feel it but not as obvious as AJ20 (cuz the shank of AJ20 is hidden in the midsole). Because of more layers of sockliner and midsole, you will feel better here than that of AJ20. The width of last is between Zoom Kobe I and Shox VC5 AF and bigger than AJ20. I guess the last of AJ21 constructed by upper would be similar to AJ20; however, due to the booty construction of AJ20, you may try the size half smaller than you AJ20 or get your regular size.

4. Responsiveness: 9/10

5.Durability: 8/10

6. Weight: 9/10
zoom flight V : 1000g
aj21 : 900g
aj20 : 800g
aj10 : 800g

21, one of the forbidden number of college students. I always avoided getting back 21 dollars in change when I shopped before mid-term and final exam. Lets face it, from 1 to 21, its the incredible faith of JORDAN series; imagine that the contractor borke his leg (AJ1-AJ2); almost left the original endorsed brand (AJ3); got retired owing to losing his father (AJ 8)
; missed the final shot in his first return (AJ11); experienced the product failure in his second retirement (AJ15); insisted returning to the court in his career (AJ17) and left the court w/ regret (AJ19); any one of above could easily stop the production line for anyone; however, AIR JORDAN made it to now!!

When it comes to AJ20, you will see a beautiful career review of AJ by Tinker Hatfield, the godfather of AJ design; and this time the AJ21 is sculptured by the design director of JORDAN BRAND, who is also the head designer of AJ1.5 and AJ5.5, Dwayne Edwards. Frankly speaking, folks in forums overseas have been upset about him for a long long time and asking for a replacement. Personally, from AJ1.5, AJ5.5 to AJ21, you can see his own style gradually - simple and elegant array V especially in AJ1.5 (AJ1+AJ2) and AJ5.5 (AJ5+AJ6). Think about it, these achievements are almost equal to getting into the scoop of 6 pair of AJs! This is why AJ21, the flagship of Air Jordan from an impressive designer, interests me a lot and makes people long for it.

In the middle of last year, a friend of mine passed me a message when he saw the sample of AJ21 V Just think about a pair of racing shoes!! The reason why AJ21 is so racing shoes alike is because it is inspired by motor racing games. In recent years, Michael Jordan switches his interest to operating a motor team and I believe that the black/uni-blue motorcycle is still branded on peoples memories. His team goes to red/yellow colorway this year; I dont know if they win their games in a row coz I only notice their shoes

Another reason why AJ21 is so racing shoes alike is because of the long tongue on the sample. If you take a look at the sample on ebay and NikeTalk, you can easily find out that this is the feature of very early samples; the samples afterwards and those which will be rolled out on the market will have shorter tongues and be more functional, which means I havent figured out the real function of the flippable tongue on the sample!! It just cannot flip up or down in a big range but a small part of it.

Although the upper tongue design is a little bit mysterious, the jumpman mark in the middle plays an elegant trick. It aptly hides the shoe laces and fixes the tongue. The lower part of tongue is complemented by a big chunk of nylon mesh; to the best of my memory, you will not see it on the shelf in the store. Moreover, you can also see the cleverness of both lateral and medial side of ankle design; it is produced for cupping ankle joint. And the most important of all, the embossed stamp of No. 23 resting on the ankle design is another feature that I cannot resist.

The best of AJ21 from my POV is the beautifully placed red stripe from head to toe. It is said that this is inspired from the CHMSL of Bentley Continental GT coupe. What the hell is CHMSL? Simply speaking, the third brake light. The most interesting thing is, the third brake light, which goes along with the edge of rear window of Bentley Continental GT coupe, stands for both simple and elegant style and alert. This kind of concept is truly bound together w/ Air Jordan series as well. Furthermore, the black chunk on the upper of AJ21 is inspired by the radiator appearance of the car. As to me, it looks more like the chain armor. I was thinking that it is a mimic of the lateral design of Air Zoom Flight V in the beginning, but unlike the stiffness of the lateral design of Air Zoom Flight V, it turns to be almost as soft as leather in the end. I think the only difference will be the less extendable being for better protection.

Although the product description mentioned it is seamless design and booty construction, it is just not the way it goes. However, they are not important at all cuz AJ21 is just too comfortable to imagine! High cut collar (in fact AJ21 is not much higher than AJ20; please be awaited for the review of AJ21 vs. AJ20) makes you feel the incredible comfort once you tighten your laces. If AJ20 has brought you the best comfort (except the cup stand), you will definitely be high in AJ21. </div>

The interchangeable I.P.S. has also broaden my boundary. You can flip up the sockliner in the heel and it still stick tight for the rest. You can easily take out the I.P.S. in the heel by simply pushing it from the outsole. You might see the Zoom Air unit is surprisingly small, but you will also find the responsiveness unique throughout sockliner, Poron washer, Zoom Air Unit and I.P.S.. The double DNA pattern on the outsole and transparent material placed in the key performance area are believed to provide you with excellent traction. For the rest of the details, please wait for the report after the pilot study thie weekend.

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I would 100% agree. I feel the shoe is just a little high off the ground, but aside from of the best performing jordans ever. A mix between 14s and 17s.
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nice! i was not getting them but now seeing them on that mans foot they look sooo good!
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dang yo the guy thats wearin them is make them look good
if it is not the shoes then what is it!!!!

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I know where my $25 eastbay gift card is going towards. Copped!
Lakers Fans... I am feeling you!!

b1lly hoyle

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These are by far the best performing Jordans I feel.

The detail and quality is top-notch too.

The ankle area still lacks some flair design-wise...but overall these are very well done.

Just wait til you see the next SC for all the GT :wow:



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SMH @ ppl originally hating on the XXI....
i was with them from the start. They look sooooo dope
and the lows?? oh its a wrap (wait, wats msrp on lows? better not be $120+ :/ )

when u see them out every1 is gonna b buying pairs. These r overall 10times better than the XX to me, which were worth the skip. tho probly a tiny bit heavier

...NY-Phila-NJ info?
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Yo i am getting more and more sold on this shoe. i cant wait to pick it up. my wallet however can wait.
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I am getting these shoes.There is no question about it.
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Great review.

Dude is wrong about XX traction. If used strickly for indoor hoopin, the traction never falls off. Wear the XX as casual, then try to hoop indoors, of course you are going to have poor traction.
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good stuff these are definitely bought, and seeing as how they fixed the XX's traction problems I cant wait.
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AJ XXI... those or the red Italian suedes... or the chambray VIIs... damn... which to get for the month... hmm... truck it, I'm coppin em ALL.
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Pics are dope.
Still would only cop if/when on sale... And not this colorway.
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i cant front i wasn't so sure about these when i first saw someone wearing them...but they've been growing and growing on me...jb def. picking up their good designs once again from the 20's...

however, i'm sure they'll go down to i'm not gonna immediately scoop them up for 175...+ tax...200?!?!? def. not worth 200 no matter how nice it is...
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Now Iam gonna get these plus the black sox make them look even hotter
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Hollow tips! Damn......I was getting excited for these, now I am Jones-ing for these!
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A+ Review there.

nice detailed pictures also.

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curse you JB...when i first saw the xxi all i wanted was the reds, but now we have the nice lows and these pics make these look gonna be broke after this year
don't trust me, i liked the XX lows
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amazing...I will be getting these on the first day... :wow:

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those are UGLY!!!!!!!

about 2 months ago when the XXI pic 1st released everyone on NT was talkin down on them...

funny how when a Jordan is about to drop everyone starts cutting for the shoe all of a .02...
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