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This is exaclt what I was just thinking that I would be interested in buying. This colorway IS IT!
Agreed. I’d actually buy that. As it stands, the only colorway I like enough to buy is the Blue Void. The Amber Rise and the Snow Leopard are pretty cool, though.

I know I’m in the minority here, but I don’t tend to like white shoes or white soles. In fact, it’d be dope if the Blue Void had a black midsole or maybe the blue speckled look we saw in the mockup above. I’ll tolerate white on the Blue Void, but black would make it look SO much cooler.

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Those ugly brons (okay the colorway is decent) shock dropped just now and their release date is 2 days after these, so I’m hoping these do too.
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Agreed. I’m 43 and a black v-neck, dark skinny Levi’s-wearing indie rock guitar playing type... Haven’t really worn Jordans in years. My last pair were Jordan 7 OG’s in the early ninties... until recently. Something kept calling me back, but I wasn’t ready, I guess.... It’s been Italian style racers, Daybreaks and Ultraboosts for me, for years. Though I always missed my Jordans in the back of my mind, they just didn’t seem to fit the toned down, simple style I now enjoy as an adult.

Well, taking my eight year old school shopping recently at the Nike Employee Store and watching him select a new pair got me fired up. He had the run of the store to choose whatever he wanted, and chose some Jordan 15 Retro DB’s, purely on aesthetics as he doesn’t really watch sports or know much of anything about hoop.

Watching him light up when he saw them and tried them on was about as exciting as watching all those Bulls games that had even my artsy, uncoordinated non-sporting musician eyeballs enthusiastically glued to my b-ball fanatic downstairs neighbor’s tv set all those years ago.

A few weeks later, here I am with some Why Not zero.2’s in the ASG colorway, then a pair of 33’s in Visible Utility, and now I’m gonna pick up the Blue Void 34’s.

It’s good to be back and not giving a **** what anyone might think about my “space shoes”. :D
Yep! I'm going to be 47. My last pair were the XV's. Been buying Air Max mainly. Jumped back in when the XXXI's were released and haven't looked back. I remember my first pair of Nikes. Got them in third grade. They were white canvas with a blue swoosh. Took some convincing to get my parents to buy me a pair. Again never looked back after that, been buying Nike's ever since. Still remember that day in eighth grade when a friend of mine came in with 1's on. He only wore they on the court/gym floor. Changed into other shoes for class. I didn't get my first pair of Jordans until the IVs though.

Kinda stepped away a bit from them but always followed every model. One sorta flimsy reason I stopped buying them was because I thought it was more practical to just get non-signature shoes. I also started preferring low tops. I think I went through a "I'm too old to wear high-tops with shorts anymore" phase. Must be some semi-common thing - as people get older they start questioning what they wear and what's "too hip." Almost like you shouldn't try to be hip as an older adult - are adults even aloud to be hip kinda thing. Again, caring too much what people think. I enjoy Jordans, Nikes, etc too much to just not do it because it might appear I'm trying to be hip at almost 47. HA! Forget that. Plus I also like that my younger son and I having some of the same shoes and even wear them at the same time together. Maybe that's corny - but again I don't care.

Life's too short to worry about it.

"SPACE SHOES" till the day I die!
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