Air Jordan xxxiv first info

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I'm liking what I see so far. I didn't really think they were going to drop the FF system only after it was used on one model of Jordans. So if the XXXIV really does have FF then it's not a shock to me.
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That ain't the Kobe joint?

I miss the good old days of leather and rocking Jay's casually. I get that it's about performance but they were a combination of both. Everyone doesn't hoop, we copped because them joints looked good and Mike was our idol
I mean it is still possible to make fashionable performance models like the FOG 1s but performance materials used on uppers have gotten a lot better for on court performance since early Jordan releases which used exclusively leather/suede/nubuck/durabuck. The problem is, for casual wear with jeans, the newer materials like fuse, battleknit, etc. don’t look anywhere as good on a structured basketball shoe as leather does.
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