Air Max 90 Trail Low Hybrid Photos

Mar 7, 2007
Here are some new photos of the Air Max 90 Trail Low Hybrid. They should have hit some accounts and others should get in the next week or so.




Here are eBay listings if you need these.

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I was waiting for better pics of these and I must say...

Swiing and a miss!
Stop... the... hybrids!
Except for those Huarache Bursts.
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Enh....not really feeling them. They're not horrible, but they don't really move me at all. Not enough for me to buy em, at least.
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hmmm im real iffy on these... but the NYC colorway gives it my vote
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I think these are pretty nice...but I would have to swap out the orange laces for some black ones.
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Need a better colorway. The shoe itself looks good to me though.
Really though, I'm just here to boost my post count.
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Give me some infrared or laser blue versions and i'm sold.

Then again, don't take any light away from the classic infrared am90.

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I like them, but I want the original ACG hybrid back...

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liked these when pics first surfaced a while ago, but with a price tag of $120 i think i can find something else better. anyone know of possible other colorways?
These are alright at best. $120 for some faux-trail-acg joints. ACG I scoff, I mean correct me if I'm wrong, but could these kicks possibly hold up in any other conditions other than pristine.
These are kinda hot....I gotta see them upclose.
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