Air Max Force (Michigan Fab Five)

Feb 22, 2002
Any info on when these will release in 2007.

You mean Air Force Max. I heard sometime in January, which sucks for me 'cause I want the Penny's and the Jordan V's as well.
I cop 'em and rock 'em.​
copped x 2

One of my all-time favorites.

I still have my OG pair, but they are throroughly dogged and unrockable.
They were retroed back in the winter of 2000/01, I just sold my DS retro pair this past summer. I will definately pick up the new retro ones in 07.
Wow. I bought a few of those and the Wht/Navy joints back in the day. And here we are AGAIN retro'ing them. Who would have guessed?

babydill. coming soon aka never aka im lazy
Another retro that I WOULD HAVE bought, but am passing on due to the small air unit (Penny's also fall in that category)...
The heel air unit looks ridiculously small in that picture.

Duh, that's the way shoes were made back in 93. The air max 2 bubble didn't surface until the next few years with the next Barkley's and Penny
Missed out on these when they were first retroed, so im definitely gonna cop....
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already have them.

and the air unit IS smaller this time around.
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Very nice. I still have my white/navy ones from the last time these were retro'd.
Like NobleKane said, it is smaller....

All a retro is is a cheap imitation of the OG with casual wear and style in mind over what the shoe was originally designed for in the first place.... be it Running, Cross-training or Basketball.

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I didn't pick these up on 01 and I definitely wasn't in the game in 93, but is Nike really choking us with a smaller air bubble?
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proposterous. these arent out yet. as far as i know. i'll ask my stock guy tomorrow if we're getting them in any time soon.

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