Air Penny 2 RD & Pics: 9/27/08 White/Royal/Black, 11/08, & 01/09

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Whoever hasn't copped yet go a full size up. I'm normally a 10 and had to exchange for a 11
not for me. Have to size down. All depends on your foot...narrow, wide, long toes, short..ect. I bought 2 pairs 11 and 11.5. I'm sending back one pair. Best way
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NOW a size 10 shows up on NDC.

I coulda used my voucher for that and only paid $20.

At least I was able to use some sort of discount from Jimmy Jamzz.

Is it too much of a hassle to buy it on NDC with my voucher and return the ones i got from JimmyJamzz?
You gotta pay return shipping to JJ. They don't reimburse you for the shipping that you paid when you ordered. Just suck it up and save the voucher for later use.

Tempted to order off JJ but still FSR a day later so I may wait it out further.
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man I saw these at villa and the quality was horrible. The blue wing looked like it was painted with Angelous. and its a lighter royal color too! easy pass
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Just got this 

The reason is the main warehouse assigned to carry your order run out of stock and they are now communicating with other warehouses to look for your order. 

No worries, the new estimated delivery date is on or before 04/21/2016. 
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I just got my 9.5s, good thing I also ordered size 10s.

Anyone else feel like the leather/suede is stiff on these??
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Finally saw em in person. Didn't have my size. Half down was too snug, and the craftsmanship left something to be desired. I think I'm over them unless I cop at a discount
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Just got mine in. I thought you guys were crazy talking about how small these run. I got the Atlantic's in 9.5 and they fit perfect (for reference most of my sneakers are 9.5, some Jordan retros and penny 1 retros i wear a 9). I'm probably like a 9 1/4 if that makes any sense, most shoes I could probably fit a 9 but it's that close.

But you guys that chimed in on them being small were right! In these, the 9.5 is snug, like if it was any snugger I'd need a 10, and I don't wear a 10 in anything. But it works. My 2 cents.
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Got mine yesterday, disappointed. Paint job looks tacky on such a beautiful classic shoe. IMO of course.

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