Air Tempo Max 2 (Duke Tempo) Review

Dec 8, 2005
Been awhile since my last review (Air Force Max), but I picked these up at Finish Line for 59.98 in the Blk/Blue/White colorway. First of all, the blue does show as Royal in my pair, not Navy like some were talking about months ago when these came out. Look like the original except for the bubble being more real yellow than neon. On to the review:

Fit- True to size on length, but like most Uptempos from this time, they fit WIDE. The elastic straps over the laces help, but a complete lockdown is tought o achieve. Only by pulling as tight as possible did I lock completely down. Once this occured, absolutely no shifting in any direction. The ankle height is a true mid, but it is not stiff at all, so they do not feel restrictive, but are supportive at the same time. 9/10

Cushion- These feel GREAT!!!!! The old dual-pressure air max feels wonderful. Just the right amount of cushion and stability. I believe the forefoot has encapsulated air, maybe not, but it definitely feels more "bouncy" than the Force Max, almost like the Air Max Elites. Not exactly close to the ground, but not at a height to inhibit lateral movements. 9.5/10, only because I like forefoot Zoom, heel Air Max better.

Durability/Traction- Wore these three times already to play in for a total of 8+ hours. Show no creases (doesn't matter to me, but if you need to know). No visible scuffs, and the mesh is holding up well. Traction, like all Nikes form this era, is unbelievable. The classic Nike herringbone can never be beat, even on the extremely dusty indoor court I played on the first time. 10/10

Overall- Just became my favorite shoe, along with Kobe I, to play in. Along with bringing back my memories of glory years, they look great and have broken necks on three occasions. My rotation currently- Kobe I, Lebron IV, T-MAc 6, Answer 9, VC5, AJ XXI. These are #1A, with AZK1 tied.

My profile-- 5'10", 200 lb. 1/2 guard. Slash, pull up, all around game, tight defense. 33 yoa with JC and D1 (Houston Cougars, Weatherford Coyotes) experience.
nice review. might consider getting one of these since they are on sale right now
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thanks for taking the time to write it, good review!
"i will slap someone if i ever see anyone wear them and try to stunt wit them" -masterani3
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