Air Uptempo Motion Nash Review. ***UPDATED***

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First a little story:

Was on vacation when i first saw these and i had no idea they were supposed to be released yet (i expected a fall release)

It was my 2nd day at the West Edmonton Mall and i went into champs to check the price of some Brazil 95's that i had seen the day before. After seeing the 209 price tag i said ' @#%$ that. ' and while turning to leave i saw the shoe and i actually made some sort of wierd noise along the lines of "Wooaoaoahfhf."

i bought them immediately after trying them on (and another pair a couple of days later at the Chinook Center in Calgary)

I've only got two light runs in them so far but here are my impressions.

Comfort. 9/10

Very good. Not overly plush or cushioned inside the shoe but simple and clean with a traditional tougue. My feet never felt overly hot or over restricted in the shoe.

I did however experience a fair bit of chaffing against my pinky toe on my left foot. This actually became quite a distraction but unlike many other NT ers i am not naive enough to believe that a problem experienced in the first few wearings of a new shoe will last forever. ( tho the problem was still there in the 2nd wearing, it was noticeably lessened from the first wearing.)

Fit. 10/10

In my personal experience a traditional tounge usually helps to provide a better, truer (is that a word?) , and more adjustable fit than does a shoe with an inner boot.

I did not experience any slippage within the shoe during play. Neither front to back or side to side). The shoe fit true to size for me as well.

Cushioning 8/10

The cushioning was actually quite firm from what i could tell. (although i will need to put it through a little more wear for a final verdict on that one) The impact protection was solid tho and court feel was excellent.


Although i never went over in the shoe, it seems as if lateral stability could be a low point in the shoe. Also as the shoe isn't a low but seems to have been built with freedom at the ankle in mind, (very Nash-like) a roll could be quite the fiasco in these shoes. The shoe is actually quite low around the achillies area.

I personally have always favoured greater than average freedom at the ankle as well so this shoe's cut was actually ideal for me.

Personally i think this is a fantastic looking shoe. I have always and will most likely always like Wrapped/Hidden Midsoles contrary to what the latest bandwagon on NT says. The Nash logo is fantastic and the 13 and the phoenix on the insole are nice touches as well.

However i get the impression that this isn't a true signature as i could definitely see other colourways releasing without the 13 and phoenix and the oval that encapsulates the Nash logo would also fit an uptempo logo perfectly. This would make this shoe a PE ala the JO PE Shox. Seeing pictures of the Stutter Step Nash in another thread actually solidifies this thought of mine a bit.

I think that is a shame because Nash definitely deserves his own true signature shoe.

I personally think that this is a phenomenal shoe that looks great and is an excellent performer overall. The price point really puts it over the top for me as well as i was able to purchase 2 pairs without straining my pocket book too much.

As far as im concerned this shoe is a 10/10 if not higher (honestly i just cant get over how amzing this shoe is)


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Good review.

Have you worn the Zoom Drives? If so, would you say these are better?
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^Cushioning is a lot firmer than AZG.

I like the fit better as well.

I know you're big on AZG's but i never thought the fit in that shoe was all that good for me. It was never a shoe that i could just forget was on my feet. Honestly to me they always felt a bit clunky for ball but i never really gave them a proper chance. (3 or 4 runs )

i do however really like the AZG for chilling. The cushioning on my pair broke in really well and is especially plush feeling in the heel.

I haven't had the pleasure of wearing a pair of ultraflights but if you could do anything to change that it would be greatly appreciated. (DS 10.5)

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^ That's a tough call for me because the floor i play on is almost always pristine.

Never really had any traction problems other than my first few wearins of my black/red lbj2.


Two more long tough runs and some new developments.

The irritation on my left pinky is gone.

It is now irritating my big toe.

Scratch that. It's crushing it actually.

Some of the worst shoe pain i've ever experienced. Haven't experienced shoe pain like this since breaking in a pair of Signature Players a few years back.

The problem looks fixable as it seems to be caused by the fact that the shoe has creased right where the plastic tab in front of the laces was inserted.

The right shoe is excellent as it seems to have creased a few cm back from that spot. The problem should be fixable by working a deeper crease into a different area by hand.

continued on next post.........


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@#%$ Computers seriously. My friends comp is a big piece of @#%$ with weakass highspeed and it's not letting me get all of my thoughts into one post.


This is the best court feel i have ever experienced. The forefoot was extremely excellent but that wasnt the surprising thing. The heel was. I've never worn anything with heel court feel even close to this shoe.

If you're all about court feel this shoe is for you.


Nascar,and Poker ARE NOT SPORTS!!!
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