AJ "BRED" 13 returning JAN 12, 2013

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Hard to believe FNL still has a FSR as they continue tweet. Ready to go about with the rest of my day. The most frustrating release ever for me.
Cause noone can get through... No phone orders and everyone has multiple browsers open not including people that are using mobile. At this point they need to shutdown their server for like 30mins and then start it up with out announcing it on tweeter.
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Hmmm I might have a chance at Shoe Palace here. They got the Chicago 1's in the Monday after RD. They're not answering the phone which tells me that they never opened this morning. 

Things may be looking up!
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Jordan can just put out junk these days and we eat it up like a bunch of suckers.  Quality goes down and price goes up but the hype remains
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i came this far, im staying till i get my 9.5... or these sites sell out. Which ever comes first :smokin
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Saw these in person at a local shop. Dude askin 250 for the last size 13. They were better than i thoght they were but not 250 worthy. Plus there was a glue stain all around btw the suede on the upper and midsole. Easy pass
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Struck out on NDC, went to NTNY to pickup my RSVP sz 11. Smooth in and out in less than 5 min. Shout out to the 2 on NT that helped me out on the RSVP. Overall i really like the shoe. Yes no 3M but the red is close enough to the red on the OG and 04. The OG and 04 are True red these are Varsity red. They have been welcomed to the family.

:smh: so glad I passed, those are horrible :x
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All this for some 13's that are readily available from most forums and marketplaces! Hype is real! 
Availability isn't the issue. Today is the RD and you think that just because they're "Readily available" People will pass at the chance to cop for retail first?

I see you haven't had your coffee yet.
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How is my reply salty? I got my pair, kid was being ignorant. So don't come at me like that. 
Bad tag, was trying to post dudes original post and got your response.the salt comment was not directed at you ihatesneakers, that gif though haha.
dude u joined this month.
Actually had a different name on the real nt, before this all went down hill. Nice try though jerky.
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Been trying to get through on eastbay for 2 hours...nothing yet. Anybody able to order theirs?
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Eastbay and them should sell half their stock on release then sell the rest as a "restock” during the week. I don't see any negative in this except ppl having to hawk the site 24/7 but that shows who wants it more. I'd be fine if it was 2 size runs. Might as well since everything is about luck nowadays. Pass along this info to the appropriate personnel. :wink:
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