ALBANY NT'ers - Help Out a Fellow NT'er and Make $500 Cash

Jul 6, 2004
Hey Albany NT'ers,

That's right. I'm offering $500 (sent USPS Money Order or Paypal) to anyone who can help me out. I'm looking for someone who has character and keeps their word. -- just like I do.

I've got another NT'er out of Albany not delivering the shoes I paid him for over a week-and-a-half ago. I paid USPS Money Order for an OLNL Pack.

He's been stalling me for over a week now and he's cashed my Money Order.

He lives in Albany, NY. He uses more than one name, but goes by jaymurks456 here on NT. I have his real name, address, e-mail and phone number.

$500 would more than cover your time and gas money -- take a friend with you if you want. We can work out the details of how to get paid (so I don't get ripped off again) if you're willing to do this favor.

I'm a reputable buyer and pay quickly -- check out my rep on eBay (ID = dann-mann) -- and I keep my word.

E-mail me at and let me know if you can help me out.

No. I guess I wasn't clear enough, my fault.

I'm asking if anyone local would be willing to go this guy's address and ask for the shoes in person. I'm not asking anyone to thug him or intimidate him. Just show up, ask for the shoes and don't leave until you have them. Then, let me know you have them and I'll pay for the shipping to me.

I figured that offering $500 would be a pretty good reward for helping out a fellow NT'er and collector. That would buy you a nice pair of kicks, pay for gas and your time. That would be worth it to me to help somebody out.
aye yo, I'll be up in that area this weekend or early next week, PM me the details, and I got this kid on a headlock for you.

btw, He better open that door, because I got that badge.
How does this help you in any way? You're paying over 5 bills for the OLNL?

It's the principle of getting ripped off.

I'm willing to pay for someone's service, not for the OLNL -- there's a difference -- if someone is willing to be straight up with me and visit this guy's address and ask for my shoes. I'm not asking to thug him or anything like that. I just want them to ask for what I paid for.

I can afford it, so I'm going to offer it. If anyone will accept.

I have a couple of people inquiring offline. So, it's already in the works...

And, to YellowWallstreet , fi you read my original post, I explained that I would be willing to work out payment details if anyone was serious.

To simply post, ''pay up front,'' merely implies that you're not willing to work that out -- and might take my money as well. That doesn't sound like a post from someone who would be straight up with me and show good character...

3 weeks and over 20 e-mails and I finally get the OLNL Pack.

BUT, it's not deadstock like he advertised and was shown in his pics here in the NT Buy/Sell section. They're dirty and creased -- and he didn't double-box them. They were sent in the box they came in and taped up all to hell.

So, it looks like he paid for them, then sold them online, but KEPT them for 3 weeks and WORE them to get his use out of them. That way he gets his fill and then ships them out to me. So, he gets to wear them for FREE for 3 weeks and makes his money back on the sale to me without telling me he's shipping USED kicks -- instead of deadstock.

I'm asking for a $30 refund.

I'd be willing to pay $250 to one of you good locals to fetch me my $30 OFF OF HIM. Not out of your own pocket.

It ain't over...

Anybody interested?
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