Alfamega stays losing (From NahRight)

Joined Jan 3, 2008
[h2]AlfamegaStays Losing[/h2]

Imagine: Your rap career comes to a screeching halt after you're outed as a DEA snitch and your boss publicly firesyou for failing to disclose the details of your past. Unfortunately for you, while all of this is playing out, you're sitting in a Fulton County jailcell on felony charges of weapons possession and obstruction of justice. As it turns out, a week prior, you were stopped by cops who found a loaded pistol inyour SUV and tried to arrest you. You, being the goon that you are, resisted arrest, were sprayed with pepper spray, chased, and hit with a baton beforeleaping 30 feet from a parking garage and shattering your ankle bone.

Alfamega, this is your life.

Joined Aug 28, 2008
I would think he was getting it bad in County...but I don't think those dudes in jail wit him are crazy...
Joined Sep 11, 2008
he was already locked up, this helps explain why TI and Dram came with all the tough talk
Joined Jan 20, 2006
hellaones wrote: [hr][/hr] he was already locked up, this helps explain why TI and Dram came with all the tough talk

what tough talk??? he simply stated that he hadn't divulged these acts to him and thus lied by omission and that he wished him the best but he couldn'twork with him any longer. That was damn near verbatim too.

That Stuck To You Avy is ill but mines was better
Joined Jan 3, 2005
Tip & his team better hold they heads (nh)
kuz snitch or not, this _ is a straight GOON!
He kno's too much info about TI, they oper.
and all that. If he goes down, Im sure it wont
be by himself.
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