All 6 Star Wars Movies Coming Out On Blu-Ray

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All of our nerd dreams have come true. Lord Lucas has finally deigned to bring his coveted six-film [/i] opus to Blu-ray, according to reports of an announcement just made by Lucasfilm representative Steve Sansweet from a panel at the C2E2 comic book convention in Chicago.
While an actual quote has yet top be published, twitter reports began arriving within moments of Sansweet’s announcement:
  • @loquaciousmuse - “Star Wars Blu Ray of all 6 movies w/ tons of newly found extra material coming soon, no date yet.
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this is the best news i've heard all day. I saw Star Wars: In Concert, and the clarity of the hi def picture on screen was unreal. I can't wait
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they've been airing star wars in hd for a few years now on the hd movie channels. i've seen them in 1080i and they look amazing.

episodes 1-3 should look amazing because they were shot on digital cameras. they'll do a transfer from the digital master like they did with toy story blu-rays.

the original trilogy looks the best they could make it. but i'm not sure if they're going it totally different on the blu-ray release.
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