All Things Sports Media Thread!!

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Tired of that moron. he's so enthusiastic about putting athletes' health at risk and sounding like an absolute jackass. Would say fs1 needs to check him but that network is trash as well.
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barstool got that kind of money? nfl network were being cheap and wanted deion to take a paycut.
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The dumbest thing I’ve seen from someone who covers sports

He's wylin, but it would be hard as hell to score in the NHL. He definitely isn't hitting a HR in baseball either. Getting a lucky basket in NBA or leaking out and somehow catching a lucky TD in the NFL are much more likely than him scoring in a hockey game.
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dude is tiny as hell and doesn’t look athletic at all.. granted I don’t know dude personally or anything

But i literally only see 2 things as possible

if in basketball the other 4 guys are that good that he would be THAT wide open to even be able to get a shot off

or if it’s a running play and the hole is that wide open and he only has to go a yard or 2
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