Alley Boy - Definition Of %+@$ *#%@ Mixtape EDIT: THIS N IS A PROBLEM YALL

ham city

Joined Oct 18, 2009
I know people were looking forward to this but I haven't heard it mentioned since it dropped. Whole tape is flames, production is great, Drumma even did a track.

I'm expecting things from Alley Boy in '10, this n can spit for real and he's got a good ear.


01. Intro
02. 50 Bars Of Poison
03. I’m Strapped
04. Shiester (feat. Jre Reiley)
05. Rappin & Robbin (feat. Waka Flocka & Princess)
06. We Do This Interlude
07. BIG (feat. Big Bank Black)
08. Alone
09. Play Your Position (Eldorado Red)
10. Throw It Up
11. Money 2 The Ceiling
12. I’m On Some %$*% %%*% Interlude
13. Get To It
14. You Don’t Know
15. Finesse
16. Tall (feat. Young Dro)
17. Play Maker (feat. Euro Fresh & Yung Mazi)
18. Don’t Hate Me (feat. Kool Ace)
19. Shoot For That (feat. Waka Flocka Flame)
20. Paid Dues (feat. Yung Ralph)
21. Campaign
22. Closing Definiton Of %$*% %%*%
23. Label It Gutta (Bonus Track)
Joined Sep 14, 2009
"these clown n's ain't A-Town!" ol boy goes hard i listen to 50 Bars at least 3 times a day

ham city

Joined Oct 18, 2009
Originally Posted by easy1986

I don't know about that I like Pill just a little more.

I still need to listen to that Prescription tape. heard nothin but good things about dude.
Joined Sep 22, 2009
At first I was really only playing Tall and 50 Bars of Poison, but gradually I realized this whole tape is %%**+%* fire. I'm pretty sure I'll still be riding to this in the summer because it sounds TOO good in the whip.
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