AM 95ID updated on Member's Only site!!!!!!!!111

yeeee hawwww


I just made the craziest f'n 95's omg.........too bad u cant save em
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I've GOT to order at least 3-4 pairs...
GR for now, but rumor has it Gentry's going to package it with a Toboggan and mitten set and sell it for $750
This is actually wack. The only upgrades are the stitching and the option to schoose leather. No new colors, no prints, Same base colorways, and no neon. They did way better witht he 97 pallette upgrade. They could of at lease gave the same for the 95's. At least incluse Bright Cactus.
Hey i dont think this is the final upgrade. I think that there will be another upgrade on the main site sometime during the end of sept or early october. So dont stress! However as you can see with the updates made to the 97's that these color options will no longer be available so take advantage while you can.
Someone mustve beasted. After I completed my order and checked the design on the confirmation email, it says its sold out for the moment! Amazing. I'm almost sure the am90 will get the same treatment, by adding the VIP options like the am95.

Thnks for posting! Keep us updated when the am90 goes up.
[ Need WHITE BLK AJ IX sz. 8.5 Need ]​
Im a sz 8.5 or 9. What you GOT for sale?​
AM90 DID get the same, months ago. I think it went 90, then 97 and now 95, do I have that order right?
Now you guys can make buffalo with infrared:

team am fam / team vintage
Ha, I am about to get a new place and have spent way to much on hats/clothing/kicks already this month but I had to make a bad financial decision in this case. I made a pair almost exactly like FlintGrey (before I saw that pic no less) but I had a black midsole, white tounge, and white contrast stitching instead of using the grey. I'm going to wear these to death, now I just have to make a post about what I can wear to match them...
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Allout - I think it was you who mentioned in another post about the upgrade around October. I thought this was it. So now I feel better that this isnt the full upgrade...because there is now way that the 97's got all those upgrades and not the 95's.
FLINTGREY, Those are dope.

EDIT: Is there a certain way for these extra options to come up (Patent,Buffalo)? I'm signed in, Sorry kind of new to ID's.
I just can't come up with a combo I'm really feelin enough to justify the price tag, but I can figure some things out with the regular colorways, so I'll probably stick to that plan instead.

And for the record, I can't get some free shipping on this!? Final price tag of $181.90 is :wow:
Uzzle, you have to go to the nike members only website. it's not regular nike id website the dude who made the third post posted the link to the website. It says "LINK"
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