Am I the only one that doesn't like celebrating their own birthday?

Joined Feb 22, 2008
Damn bro. You hate it?
Naw I dont but some years I be like
others Im all giddy and such.


Joined Jun 1, 2008
I genuinely don't like celebrating my birthday.

Other peoples' birthdays are fine, but I don't like mine.

Probably some subconscious abandonment stuff. I dunno.
Joined Feb 7, 2008
No, I completely agree with you...I have no idea why I hate it though.
Joined Nov 27, 2008
I prefer a normal day, especially hate it if it's mentioned at a club or party. The I'm expected to get carried home drunk which I don't do.
Joined Dec 3, 2007
I definitely understand where you're coming from OP.

My birthday was last week and to "celebrate", if you want to call it that, I went to see Terminator BY MYSELF, and then journeyed to Boarders topurchase a JOURNAL...riveting, I know...

I always pray to God thanking him for allowing me to be alive for one more year, but besides that, I don't go out of my way to do anything...

I also do the same thing for New Years...which is also JUST ANOTHER DAY...

Joined Jan 19, 2000
I do, I hate needless celebration. If you really cared you would show someone you do every single day.
Joined Sep 28, 2005
i don't...i hate the attention...and it was worse in HS cuz people would tell me happy birthday all day...
Joined Jun 22, 2008
Originally Posted by SNEAKERKING757

I don't hate it, but I don't want a big deal made of it.
Couldn't have said it better myself.
I'll go out somewhere but I don't really like having parties.
Joined May 14, 2008
it all depends on who I celebrate it with ! I, like to celebrate it with just a couple of close loved ones..nothing big ... But, last year was hands downthe best I ever had! The wifey, got some of my closed homies all together in one place to have supper and kick it...
Joined Nov 11, 2007
I could care less about my birthday. Its just another day of the year to me. Parties thrown in my name for whatever (birthdays, graduations, milestones,accomplishments, ect) are not something I particularly care for. The only thing I could see myself having a celebration for is whenever I get married and maybelike anniversary parties.
Joined Oct 29, 2003
I don't like the attention.
I just love the idea I made it to another one and so did the people most important to me.
Joined Apr 4, 2008

i thought i was the only person like this. i hate celebrating my birthday. this past year it tried to pretend like it wasnt my b-day to avoid the "happybirthday" wishes
Joined Oct 17, 2008
I'd rather celebrate other people's birthdays than my own, I don't like the fuss, being that it's so damn annoying to me.
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