Am I the only one who once had Common in their top 5/10 and he's slowly gone down?

Nov 5, 2007
I'm in the Jay and Nas threads and I was justthinking about who is in my personal top 10. And I remember Common used to always go between that 5th and 6thspot, now he isnt even cracking the top 10
�I dont knowwhere to put him *sigh*

He was hovering around the top 10, give me a some time to forget UMC and he'll probably still be there.

Be significantly boosted his stock a couple of years ago.
He was never in my top 10 but is still one of my favorite artist. If I made a top 10 of todays rappers he would make the top 10 with ease.
I try to think of UMC as an NERD/Kanye West collabo, with a random man spitting on the beats. I always like a musician trying something different, regardlessof it I like it or not, but UMC was just so out of place compared to his other albums.
He himself has basically said he been leaning more towards movies now. His last few albums haven't been his best work. I think dude need to do a little 12track album with Madlib, I mean he happened to bring out the best in Talib. I'm sure Com can do better.

UMC wasn't hug rap but it wasn't on some it's different and good steez. Strictly for that uptempo summer vibe, which isn't bad but it's notlike it got a lot of replay value.
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