Am i the only one who thinks MTV CANADA sucks?

Jul 25, 2005
Sure, they have a few decent shows but they like to replay the same @#%$ 5-10 times a day! That MTV LIVE @#%$ is horrible too and the hosts are weak. Canadian tv in general is already bad.
MTV Canada is horrible...besides the 5 main franchise shows we actually get...but late...the MTV VJ's/Hosts are unbearable.

Honestly the only thing I care about is Canada getting ESPN.​
no MTV is a load of crap.

The shows are all staged... theyre all fake.. and a bunch of goodlooking people that look like they just worship the OC//laguna beach. Whenever they say their corny one liners or stuff that the producers tell them to say, it gives me the freaking chills.

The hosts are pretty bad too.

Canadian TV ain't that bad. The only problem I have with it is it's stupidness with Raptors games and how we don't get almost any La Liga games.
Channel is terrible and I DESPISE that idiot Daryn.
MTV shows suck with a few exceptions. I love Cribs, and Run's house is funny. Rob and Big is entertaining too. But I don't even bother switching to MTV. For those of you who have digital cable with Rogers, we have MTV on demand. Watch the shows without having to put up with those BS MTV VJs.
I was mad hyped when it was announced we were getting the channel. After the very first day I realized it was crap.
^ Same here.

Too bad I only got basic cable. :smh:
I don't got MTV. :lol:
Our sales tax will kill you. At least we have free health care!
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I have had pirate satilite for about 15 yrs now, and I grew up watching mtv. I think mtv canada is so boring and think its lowballing Canada. On a side not bet canada sucks too, they don't show the wire, or in living color. I.M.O. I think mtv has more hip hop and rap then bet (sucker free day) bet just keeps playing the same old videos
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To me Aliya Jasmine is hella overrated, she has 0 body and her breasts are probably fake....cute face...voice needs to be muted.

MTV Canada sucks, why are there so many repeats?
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Are you all forgetting about Adventures in Hollyhood?

But yeah, for the most part MTV Canada sucks.
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anyone still remember when there was MTV on cable in Canada like 2-3 years ago, that was way better by a long stretch than MTV Canada. like TRL and all that ****. MTV Canada feels too preppy and skaterish, theres not a balance of non-preppy VJs and preppy VJs.

so whens ESPN coming to Canada. i don't even have TSN cuz i only got the basic package.
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I think Aliya Jasmyn is one of the meanest chicks on Canadian TV... I find Daryn to be funny... Does anyone remember the ROGERS cable show "THE BUZZ" starring Daryn Jones & Mista Mo?! It might've just been a Brampton/Sauga thing...

OC/LB/MF/Yo Mamma/S16/MADE = Wack shows with corny a5s people

How you gonna have a show called MAUI FEVER and its a reality show bout a bunch of white kids?! It somewhat gives naive viewers a distorted view on who/what defines Hawaii.

Rob & Big/Runs House: Quality programming IMO, I think Runs House is one of the better reality shows to touch down in a while.

But, overall I must agree that it does very little to promote brain growth and stimulation. It's kinda like BET, but more white.

PS. Doesn't VIACOM own both BET & MTV?!
Aliya Jasmine really needs to do something bout her ratty @#%$ hair. She would get it tho.
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