American Gangster or Graduation


Oct 29, 2000
It's time yall!!!!!!!!!!!
Jay Z album officially released so which is better?
Is it Mr. West Mr. West or is it the Roc Boy????
I can't even front but this Jay album rocks hard in the whip and shows flashes that he hasn't fallen off the rap game as of yet. He has stumbled but hes still has the fade away. Kanye is the best artist in the game so let me know people.
Graduation is a very good album, but American Gangster is a great album. The whole concept of AG with the rise and fall of a hustler is amazing to me. It's like Jay was narrating AG the movie, as well as other gangster flicks like Carlito's Way and Casino, while I'm listening to the album. I'm a have to say AG>Graduation, easily.
^^damn that's a pretty bold statement. I haven't listened to ANY of AG yet except Blue Magic. But I plan on buying it today. Graduation is damn good album, I can listen to it straight threw. Hopefully AG is at least the same as that.
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Finding Forever > American Gangster > Graduation

All very good albums for '07
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Gradation is boring now.

Only sounded good during the first week. :\
American Gangster > Finding Forever > Graduation

LR or College Dropout > Graduation

i'm not taking anything away from Graduation cause its still a good album....
Why are you laughing? I'm not lying just because he doesn't spit like Jay Z or talk about drugs. He is the best artist in the game because he does make the best music. Just because you guys think AG is good doesn't mean Kanye still makes the best music. He puts some rare passion and soul to the music. There is a reason why he sold 950,000 in the first week after a non radio friendly single called You Can't Tell me Nothing. I Wonder has no lyrical content and is one of the best songs i heard from him.
It's too early for me to make that call but if I gotta choose one right now I'm taking AG. I just want to see how AG holds up over time cause Graduation has faltered a lil to me up to now. Don't really listen to it much anymore.
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American Gangster is the hottest Hov Album sonce Bp 2 ... posssibly The BP but I love "All around the world" ft. Latoya Williams :pimp:

But it doesnt really matter because the two best albums of the came from Rocafella like or Not... .
The roc boys are in the building.. 8)
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American Gangster easy
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American Gangster is going to go down as a musical revolution. This is the first CD of it's kind, i.e made from a movie, then with the video's like Roc Boys, and Blue Magic and Success(Hopefully), it is going to be a force. IMO he already has the rap Single of the year in Blue Magic, it has a true hip-hop feel to it, it also has a real gangster D Boy feel to it, then the Roc Boys has the feel of a real hip hop video, today that is hard to accomplish. It's crazy that being true hip hop now a days is actually being original. Coming with a song that might not be the catchiest on the market, or a song that might not have the best hook but still be considered the best.
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The whole concept of AG with the rise and fall of a hustler is amazing to me. It's like Jay was narrating AG the movie, as well as other gangster flicks like Carlito's Way and Casino, while I'm listening to the album
True words...
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Graduation is to Kanye as American Gangster is to Jay both albums were original, lyrically ill, and almost flawlessly produced
American Gangster is prolly the best example of classic Hip Hop in ages.

Graduation is the future of the game, a sort of Rap/Pop fusion project.

Right now, my vote goes to AG.
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Tough comparison because AG just dropped so a lot of people are overhyping it (classic already?). Here's how I see it, AG was the best, or close to the best, possible album Hov could've released at this point in his career. With Kanye, I will like Graduation was good, but he can do better and I feel he still hasn't made his best album. But as far as the music, I give the nod to AG, because personally, I'm a fan of lyrics, and Hov satisfied.
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