An interesting perspective of college majors (pic)

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I saw this pic browsing another site but I'm kind of disappointed that my major isnt in the God tier
, Marketing and Business management btw
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What's your opinion of the ratings of the majors?
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Makes sense since the "GOD" tier consists of majors that lead to careers that are integral to keeping society going and progression in certain areas of knowledge.

I do find philosophy, history, psychology, music, journalism more interesting than everything in the highest tier other than quantum physics tho.
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I can only attest to the political science portion and say its true to an extent. Hopefully, my experience with the government/policy/government and congressional affairs (internships involving Congressional and regulatory agencies) will land me a job, along with my degree. I'd be terrified looking at the current job market if I did not have almost two years worth of inter/job experience already, but still its not looking that bright right now.
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yuku sucks... but I agree with what dude said about social life... it wont even let me quote him and when i click reload ALL the posts go away.... yuku sucks....
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If the American university didn't become synonymous with trade school, majors like History and English wouldn't have such poor reputations. Those are challenging and rewarding majors to those in that field. If my motive when I entered school wasn't to find a job and I just wanted to study something I was interested in, I'd probably have fallen in the lower rungs.
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I get it. It's a list that's supposed to tell you which careers are most profitable, but it does not necessarily explain which are the most fulfilling.
I'm English and Philosophy, and while I will admit English is useless (to me), philosophy is (along with science and everything related to it) the most important of the majors listed. The art of thought (philosophy) and the art of action (science) are the criterion of life. I've always liked science, considered going into a career in biotech...I guess I still could.
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you're telling me geology and kinesiology beat out business and economics?
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i double majored in math and information science. i find it hard to believe that I.T is low tier... definitely not God Tier but this countries infrastructure would grind to a screeching halt without information technology, which incorporates telecommunication. how is kinesiology (which Yuku doesnt even recognize as a word) ranked higher than IT? give me a break.
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im a math major, but im switching out of it cuz i just dont take it serious enough. im pretty damn good at it but forreal i cant see myself counting to infinity my whole life
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Originally Posted by popcornplaya

Inversely proportional to social life.

only during college...once done and job stability is there, thats when the fun starts.
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