ANAHEIM/LA HEADS Romantic Places to take my girl..any ideas?

Feb 15, 2006
Im heading over to LA next week for my 2 year anniversary..and i need your help. i need some places or things to do in LA (i.e Nice affordable dinner restaurant or horse carriage rides.) any body have any ideas about what to do or where i can bring her? im from san diego and i dont really know of things to do out there. can anbody help?
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in anaheim you could go to the new morton's steakhouse and then head over to downtown disney. probably catch a cool show at the house of blues then walk around for awhile, make a bear or something. firework show at around 9pm...

3rd street promenade? the grove? kodak theatres? old town could find any restaurant along the way, too much to mention.
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3rd street promenade is in LA. also by universal studios. i think its called city drive or something like that.
so yeah...
Maybe I'm just old-fashioned, but to me, I'm still rocking with the Santa Monica Beach @ sunset/sunrise.

September 30, 2006:

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A Lill... take her to Static Lounge :wow:

nah, congrats on that though playa.

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Take her to Mulholland Drive at night for a city overlook

I'd def appreciate it :wink:
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crescent bay park in laguna beach. go here during sunset though to get a view of the water and the city. if that doesnt work, make your way down to the beach.
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