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i hope and1 just starts concentrating on just like a couple of good shoes instead of a bunch a crappier ones like last year
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Quote:[hr][/hr]Man...I don't see any of the resemblences you guys are throwing out there in relation to the edge.[hr][/hr]

I just associated it with the 2K4 because it seems to be a thin, light upper. It reminds me of the medial side of the 2K4 with the holes for breathability. And the white in the back seems like it could be a heel counter.
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go look at the NBA Feet posts... And1 is still pretty dominant in the NBA...
i don't know how sales are in the states, but here in taiwan, they are selling pretty good and my friend out in Japan tells me they are selling very good. same with my buddy in europe (he's in Amsterdam), he said they are not doing too bad either
their designs have been up and down (i think it's been good for the most part) but i think their performance have been consistent and their price have always been good

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i just wish they'd come back out with the trash-talk t-shirts.

those were the shizzle.

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Quote:[hr][/hr]He's just being his usual negative self.[hr][/hr]

Sorry about that. I'm just bitter about where the whole sneaker thing has gone the past few years. People used to make fun of me for having so many pairs of sneakers and now I can't get anything I want because of resellers, campers, etc.

I'm actually not a negative person and wish I wasn't perceived that way on NT.
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Niiiiice, but I'm scared to death of spiders :lol:

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these are the first fire and 1s since the tai chis
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all ugly, wouldnt wear to cut my grass, well maybe...
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And 1 ain't goin' nowhere, even if they don't sell in USA doesn't mean they don't sell well worldwide.
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theyre still and1s
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Quote:[hr][/hr] And 1 ain't goin' nowhere, even if they don't sell in USA doesn't mean they don't sell well worldwide.[hr][/hr]

Actually, they are very marketable and popular in foreign countries...

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^ i thought dude was saying if they dont sell in the states it doesnt mean that they sell bad in other countries
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i live overseas and they have past nike in basketball in about five european countries already.... you see, nike's got other issues out here like adidas simply ruling the soccer market. acics are #1 in running and people are tending to wear more and more stan smith'ss pumas etc. over af1's and am's.

nike might be huge in america but it's not like that out here in europe... i don't know about asia, but i remember dre alway commenting that and1 is doing well in asia. and after watching the asia pacific mixtape it looks like and1 is huge out there
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Quote:[hr][/hr]nike might be huge in america but it's not like that out here in europe...[hr][/hr]

no doubt nike does not do the #'s in europe like it does in the states, however nik(e) is still huge out there too...imo out there, seems like there is much more variety and different brands for trainers...
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i guess this is the correct thread for these pics:



DUNK ON MID, ballistix sole:

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^ Woah.

That must be the new cushioning i've been hearing about. Thanks for the pics.

(The cat's out of the bag, Steez ! )
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