and they go on sale lol

Joined Apr 20, 2008
the dub zero that came out on sat 5/23 are already on sale in the bx in 170st and they had the dmp pack on sale for 270 i didn't get a picture of the dmpbecause is by the register also they had the 12's on sale but i forgot for how much they have everything on sale from griffey to levis sneakers and otherstuff
Joined Dec 27, 2008
Damn those are pretty good deals even though all the kicks besides the nubucks are weak but still those are good prices. How much for the nubucks though?


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Not suprised to see a price drop on the 1's. There are too many dang 1's
I think JB should have a "Customize Your 1's" website/optionso everyone can design what color, design, and materials they would like on their shoe so that people don't have to spend money on the Dots, Cinco De Mayo,Khaki, etc that have been released or that will release. I know I would go crazy designing my personalized kicks.
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