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Mar 13, 2004
As a father what can he do? I think this would be a good time for Andy Reid to step away for a little bit to get his family under control. It's a distraction, and clearly his son needs some guidance....

Sources: Garrett Reid Picked Up For Positive Drug Test

Garrett Reid arrived at a Montgomery County adult probation office Tuesday afternoon and was then taken away in handcuffs by Montgomery County sheriff's deputies.

Sources told NBC 10 News that the 24-year-old's urine was tested Friday and was positive for an opiate.Link
i had to look up what an opiate was.

In medicine, the term opiate describes any of the narcotic alkaloids found in opium.
It's ridiculous but you know Reid is not going anywhere though. Why the hell did this have to happen the week of the Cowboys game. Just another distraction for Reid.
3-4 right now, Cowboys up next!!!​
Maybe it's just vicodin? Can't blame him if it is :lol:
i guess thats why Andy Reid was so salty when T.O. told him he aint one of his kids..

I'm at the bank L.M.A.O.
His oldest kid has a SERIOUS problem. And he needs to be held accountable.

Let's review his 2007:

January - Picked up for DUI, pleads guilty and admits to using heroin

August - Fails random drug test, placed under house arrest.

October - Fails to show up for drug test.

October 26 - Tests positve for opiate

That's not even to mention his younger brother obviously. Going to be a rough month for the Reid household once these sentences come down in the next week.

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Theyve prolly been wildin for a minute, its just now starting to get pub.

I would send they @#%$ to the Maury show bootcamp.
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Authorites searched Andy reid's home today and found illegal drugs and illegal presctiption drugs.
wow ESPN has the caption:

Judge calls reid household "a family of crisis" :smh:

When it rains, it pours.
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Judge calls house of Eagles coach 'drug emporium'
The details that emerged about Garrett Reid at today's sentencing describe a man so desperate for drugs that he smuggled 89 pills into jail by secreting them in his rectum.
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Andy should have gotten his kids into football... even if they werent good players, being in the football atmosphere would give them something to do outside of what other young people are doing. and they could be coaches, assistants, etc
It's a difficult situation for Reid. He can only do so much. He obviously can't make his sons' choices and live out their lives. I won't say that he's done a horrible job as a father, because like I said, there is only so much a parent can do before they have to let go and let their children make their own choices and endure the consequences that come along with those choices.

I do believe though that Reid should step away from the game of football at this moment and talk to his sons and try to unite his family. I can't really imagine what it's like having a fractured family like that, but I know he's a good guy and has good values at heart. Let's not throw him under the bus or anything though. He's not the one making those disappointing choices.
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Little more....

Judge critical of Eagles' Reid's home
By MARYCLAIRE DALE Associated Press Writer
Article Launched: 11/02/2007 02:03:23 AM PDT

NORRISTOWN, Pa.A football injury at age 14 introduced potent painkillers to the middle son of Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid and he said in court that he's been lost in their grip ever since.

Britt Reid, 22, described his eight-year struggle with painkillers and other drugs at his sentencing in a road-rage case Thursday, the same day his older brother Garrett, 24, was sent to prison for a heroin-related car crash.

"This is a family in crisis," said Montgomery County Judge Steven O'Neill, who questioned whether the young men should return to their parents' home after they serve their jail terms. "There isn't any structure there that this court can depend upon."

The judge noted that Andy and Tammy Reid love their sons and have supported them through repeated attempts at drug rehabilitation. But he wondered aloud how the parents could be blind to the long list of drugs, guns and ammunition that police found in the Reids' home and vehicles.

And he said he thought that both defendants had been overmedicated throughout much of their lives. Britt Reid said he had been prescribed as many as five drugs at a time by some of his doctors, including Valium, Prozac, Adderall and some anti-addiction medicines.

"These are highly addictive medications that are just around the house with two addicts in it," O'Neill said. "It sounds more or less like a drug emporium ... ."

Andy and Tammy Reid sat together in court but did not testify during the hearing and declined to comment afterward.
"Andy and Tammy are supportive of their son. That has been their position since this all began," Garrett Reid's defense attorney, Ross Weiss, said after his client's hearing.

Britt Reid was sentenced to eight to 23 months in jail for pointing a gun at another driver on Jan 30. He pleaded guilty to charges including carrying a firearm without a license. Garrett Reid was sentenced to two to 23 months in jail for the high-speed crash, which injured the other driver.

But O'Neill offered both the chance to leave jail early if they are accepted into an intensive drug court program he runs. Each agreed to apply.

"I'm at the point in my life where I have already made the decision that I don't want to die doing drugs," Garrett Reid recently told a probation officer, the judge said. "I don't want to be that kid who was the son of the head coach of the Eagles, who was spoiled and on drugs and OD'd and just faded into oblivion."

Police found a .45-caliber pistol, a shotgun and hollow-point bullets along with cocaine, marijuana and painkillers in Britt Reid's car, which was registered to his mother. They found vials of heroin and steroids, more than 200 pills and a drug scale in the car of Garrett Reid, who tested positive for heroin and admitted having used it that day.

While police found only weapons and ammunitionand not drugswhen they searched the house, O'Neill's "drug emporium" remark apparently referred to their numerous prescriptions and to remarks Britt Reid made about randomly pulling the painkiller Vicodin instead of a health supplement out of a pill drawer.

Garrett Reid, speaking in court and in the statement to the probation officer, said he made a fast descent into hard drugs and enjoyed being the rich kid who dealt drugs in poor, violent Philadelphia neighborhoods and in the tony Main Line suburbs.
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I had said all along that these kids were 22 and 24 and that Andy wasn't really at fault because those boys were grown men and needed to be held responsible for their actions, but if this was all going on under Andy's roof, he's definately got to be partially to blame. How do you not know what's going on in your own house?
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^ yeah Nowitness you definately have a point. I mean, they are grown men. They are to be held responsible. But when it happens under Andy Reid's roof, there is a problem. So you cant say that he is totally held responsible, but like Nowitness said, You should be knowing whats going on under your own roof. Best of luck to Andy on his situation. If the Eagles are not doing well later on in the season, say around week 12, I think he should consider taking a temporary leave of absence to try and sort out his whole situation. Like I said, best of luck to him.
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Why you sellin drugs if your dad is a head coach in the league? I'd be bummin him for cheese any chance I could get :lol:
If these dudes had to sell drugs to make money, that should tell you a little bit about Andy Reid :nerd:
am i right or wrong?
The thing thats disturbing is that it sounds like the fam just took prescription drugs for everything for years and years....and they let it fester out of control.

Thats not even bringing up the fact that the Reid kids were strapped like nobodys business. Cops were finding pistols and shotguns all over their cars and bedrooms....

Its tough, these are grown men who have to be held accountable. But from the sounds of things the one kid was getting hooked to painkillers at age 14 from a football injury...thats dang near a decade later now. The also both admitted they took roids in high school for sports.

Bottom line, you let your sons live under your roof (even as adults), you cant always use the "we had no idea" card. Andy and his wife have to accept some
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I wonder what the wife does for work, I hope she's not a housewife after hearing this stuff.

That's a good question....because if the sons are under HER roof, she has every right to know what is going on in the household. However, if things have gone on like this for as long as they have, some of the blame has to be on the Reid family. I'm sorry, but if I repeatedly get in trouble with the law and I am living under a roof that my parents pay mortgage on, best be sure that they would keep tabs on me no matter how old I was. This situation seems like there might have been some neglect on the mom/dad's part. I find it REALLY hard to believe that they had no clue that their sons were up to no good.
That's too bad. Priorities seem to be in another place. Perhaps they're so in denial that it's just not getting through despite the blatant signs. Multiple arrests sounds like a bad drug problem indeed.
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God damn this is such a horrible situation. Andy cannot have 100% focus on football right now and I don't blame him. This has really spiraled out of control.
3-4 right now, Cowboys up next!!!​
Doesn't look like Reid will be stepping down or taking a leave of absence:

Andy Reid has no intention of stepping down as coach of the Philadelphia Eagles despite being castigated by a judge who likened the coach's home to a "drug emporium."

Asked at his regular Friday news conference whether he planned to coach the Eagles for the long term, Reid answered with one word: "Yes."

The judge's comments were made Thursday, the same day his two sons were sentenced to prison terms.

"I know this is a big story for everybody and I respect that," Reid said. "On the other hand, I can't go into questioning on it at this time.

"However, as parents we have huge concerns for our two boys. This has been a battle we have dealt with here for a few years and I'm sure we'll continue to address the situation. ... Our prayers are obviously with the boys, for their future, and to make sure things work out, where they can live a normal life down the road."

The statement was the most Reid has said about his sons' legal problems. He took a five-week leave earlier this year.

But two days before hosting the Dallas Cowboys in a pivotal game, Reid was all business. He directed the offense through a myriad of drills as TV commentator John Madden and Eagles chairman Jeffrey Lurie looked on.

Anyone think that Lurie should step in here?
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