angry about the way WA is treating the Sonics/NBA? me too.

Apr 10, 2005
attended what may be both my and rashard lewis' last nba game in seattle last night with my brother. as expected, the injury ridden sonics got spanked by the best team in the nba, the dallas mavericks, but it was still a cool experience. where else can you watch a 7-foot nba mvp candidate from germany (dirk nowitzki), a highly talented guard from seattle's dramatically underfunded franklin high school (jason terry), a transplant from senegal (desagana diop), an import from london (pops mensah-bonsu), two former college standouts from the south (josh howard & eric dampier), a backup guard from puerto rico (jose juan barea), a 44-year old backup center (kevin willis, oldest player in the league), and an array of other characters come together as one and attain such a high level of success? by most informed accounts, dallas is supposed to win the world championship this year (though my fingers are crossed for the phoenix suns). the nba should serve as a universal model for the benefits of cultural diversity.

unfortunately, too many people in washington fail to grasp the value of this social model. people in this "highly sophisticated" area of the country still passionately support sports that either continue to stereotype the most elite positions (quarterback and pitcher) as being best suited to be filled by whites (unofficially because of society's inaccurate and RACISTLY upheld beliefs that whites harness a greater intellectual ability to handle pressure situations), or are blatantly euro-popular (soccer). a state with the most literate city and one of the most educated populations in the country should know better.

but, i guess i shouldn't be surprised. statistically, the african american community (the nba's largest fan base) is worse off in the u.s. today than they were right before and during the civil rights movement. no other group is sooo discriminated against by banks when seeking private financing to the extent that african americans are. or by employers when seeking jobs. or by ---- food establishments when seeking nourishment. regardless of possible financial aid opportunities, college enrollment rates for blacks are substantially lower today than they were in the 80's and 90's. and, though i haven't seen the data, i would assume that the homosexual community (unofficially believed to be the wnba's largest consistent fan base), is not far behind on the discriminatory ladder.

to me, kicking pro basketball to the curve in seattle communicates that we wish the same for its fan base: get out and stay out; we have better things to spend our money on. like tuition breaks for financially stable, middle class (white) families who are able to send their kids to college, but also might want to help them (the kids) afford a nicer living space, or a hip new phone, or a car, or recreational drugs. or bridges and roads for those able to afford functioning cars. or tax breaks for those who don't really need them (people who purchase new cars, or make expensive, yet environmentally friendly renovations to homes they OWN, for instance).

if you somehow disagree with, don't understand, or simply find yourself offended by anything i've written, consider yourself blind and know that i've dedicated my life to ridding the world of your ignorant, uninformed, white elitist crap. or, perhaps more accurately, i've dedicated my life to promoting cultural diversity and combating discrimination wherever i'm able.

People will find anything to play the race card on.

It's not an issue of race, it's an issue of disrespecting the most storied franchise in the city's history. The Sonics mean more to this city than the Mariners and Seahawks combined. 40 years. The only championship. Shawn Kemp, Gary Payton, Jack Sikma, DJ, Spencer Haywood, Tom Chambers, Slick Watts, Downtown Freddy Brown, Lenny Wilkins, George Karl, Nate McMillan, Ray Allen, etc. You're throwing away 40 years of history because you have "more important things" to build parking garages at the zoo.

The Mariners had Safeco built after literally three months of good baseball, the only three months they'd ever had. The Seahawks were a .500 team when Qwest was approved. The Sonics may be in trouble right now, but throughout history they've been the most consistently successful team in the city.
The Mariners had Safeco built after literally three months of good baseball, the only three months they'd ever had. The Seahawks were a .500 team when Qwest was approved. The Sonics may be in trouble right now, but throughout history they've been the most consistently successful team in the city.
Keep the Sonics in Seattle
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color me blind, ignorant, and uninformed?
Just look at it as 30 more pounds of awesomeness
I think that economics, race, and Washington's value of cultural diversity are the 3 major issues at play here.

And, regarding race and cultural diversity - I know of no prominent homosexuals, people of color, or women in positions of power that have spoken out aginst the Sonics' & Storm's arena plans, with Maria Cantwell and Margarita Prentice having been the largest supporters of keeping the team here. Conversely, the strong charge against a new arena (and, in my opinion, the diverse NBA fan base) has been led 1) City of Seattle council member Nick Licata (quoted as saying "the Sonics have zero cultural value" or significance), a paid lobbiest from affluent Bainbridge Island (Ted Van Dyk), and the State speaker of the house (Frank Chopp). These 3 opponents are, by all accounts, politically powerful straight, white males.

Sorry, but I think that believing race, gender, or culture discrimination are not important issues here (or anywhere else in society) is insane and will only serve to perpetuate further discrimination.
I think economics easily outweighs race or cultural value. if they really believed there was a decent profit to be made, there would be no issue regardless of race or culture or anything else. Thats the driving force behind all of this
Just look at it as 30 more pounds of awesomeness
my tax dollars are not paying for any part of the sonics, period. stadium, salaries, whatever. or any sports team for that matter. players are far too overpaid to justify a private enterprise needing government money. f outta here saying they need money for a stadium.
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I never attended a Sonics game but It would be better to have them here.
Seattle would have all the sports but Basketball.....
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The cultural significance issue goes out the window when you think that a stadium is not only for the Sonics, but the Storm, concerts, a possible NHL franchise etc.

One issue not being mentioned is how little the new ownership is doing to get this done.

Also I think saying that the race of the fan base is the issue would quickly be dispelled if you went TO a game.
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