Another clothing line thread vol. Humanzee clothing

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so these two cats I know started a clothing line. went to HS and college with one together and they got this clothing line jumping. i just am curious to getyou dudes feedback. looks like it is doing fairly well, and I really commend them for doing what they truly want to do. i honestly havent talked to the dudesin a while, but we are def fairly cool.....and since well NT is the king of destructive feedback as well as hypebeast sack riding
, I figured I'd throw this into the lions den. what do yall think of hisstuff?? check out their site and I will toss them whatever constructive criticism the site evokes.

can't link pics but they have a few tees available.

the logo:


Ja's 2¢

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ehh crap. Sick of all these "2 dudes" starting their own clothing line.
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why do start up brands make Ts with their name.

do they think people want to "support" a brand that they never heard of before?
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The name aint bad, but everything else is.

Why the chimp so damn angry? He mad that he's part of this wack $%$ shirt brand?
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Originally Posted by 18key

The name aint bad, but everything else is.

Why the chimp so damn angry? He mad that he's part of this wack ++# shirt brand?
nt been going in all night


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3 tees is not a brand.
Your designs are too similar.

The grey logo is a step up from the og.
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why do they only have black shirts maybe they need more colors of shirts, maybe some hoodies idk i wouldnt wear it especially $22
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i want to reiterate this is not my stuff

its clear sometimes yall just be getting on here wanting to OD which i stated in my OP but flame on my bretheren

edit: but i personally think they got a good start and im glad to see some dudes i know trying to come up. and even tho im seeing what yall would say i takeit for a grain of salt to an extent b/c most people are just hypebeasts. bape was once moving many units. LRG gets tons of hate and moves crazy units. thereare a lot of brands out there that just get copped as the waves for them build. it is interesting to see what yalls feedback is tho
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My friend is the little brother of one of those guys.



There he is.

They even have the youngest brother modeling.
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