Another reason lebron ain't going anywhere

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why leave with top notch promotions like this one?

at least the cavs will be the best in the world for one day. too bad it won't be basketball related

[h1]Cavs To Set World Record For Sissiest World Record[/h1]
Thereare a handful of down-on-their-luck teams chomping at the bit to signLeBron James. He'd be the only attraction they'd need to sell tickets.Meanwhile, Cleveland is attempting to break the Guinness World Recordfor most Snuggies.

You know the Snuggie,right? It's a blanket with sleeves, so you can relax in ease andcomfort while you watch the last remaining shreds of your masculinityslip away.

The official record being set is "largest gathering of peoplewearing fleece blankets." So they don't have to be Snuggies, but theCavs want to humiliate you anyway.
An anticipated sellout crowd of 20,562 fans will receive acomplimentary limited edition Cleveland Cavaliers Snuggie[emoji]8482[/emoji] blanketcourtesy of KeyBank that will be conveniently draped over every seat inthe arena. Fans will be asked to wear their Snuggie[emoji]8482[/emoji] blanket for thefirst five minutes of the game. In attendance will be Guinness WorldRecords[emoji]174[/emoji] Adjudicator Danny Girton who will then officially certify thenew record. Once the record is achieved, every fan will receive acommemorative magnet certificate that will acknowledge they are aGuinness World Record holder.

And besides, the record's a crock. They want the largest gatheringof people wearing fleece blankets? They should visit my Bubbe'scommunity in Boca.

Guinness World Records Comes to Cleveland for Cavaliers Snuggie Night presented by KeyBank [NBA]

fans at madison square garden> these losers in snuggies

big j 33

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Unrelated to my feelings about Lebron and potential free agency, but that picture is just another reason I despise Anderson Varejao.
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see, i think that picture is actually a reason to like andy varejao. dude is kind of a joke and he is okay with it. respect.
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Haha, this is pure comedy. Varejao looks like he's in a cult with the way that Snuggie is looking.
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Originally Posted by o fenomeno

see, i think that picture is actually a reason to like andy varejao. dude is kind of a joke and he is okay with it. respect.
yeah but you're trying to win a championship, not smoke a blunt with the guy
and flopping will never be okay. so no respect

the cavs joke and dance and rock their snuggies to get dumb records...who's the last joker to win a chip? the worm and he had the greatest ever to put him in check

Ja's 2¢

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ehh something quick. At least they it's confirmed unlike some other snuggie giveaway.

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They can give away rubber duckies for all I care..

Were still the #1 team in the NBA at the end of the day..

Hell, even Ill take a gets cold and lonely at the top.
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Animal Thug1539 wrote:

Hell, even Ill take a gets cold and lonely at the top.

you got a blanket around the house? cut 3 holes in it.

boom snuggie
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