Antoine Walker update - playing pro ball in PR for $7 thou/wk

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Walker is making $7,000 a week playing professionally in Puerto Rico and will get a $150,000 if his team wins the championship.

He's made over $100 mil from NBA money and endorsements..

Q: "How much of that money do you have now?"

Walker: "It all depends on how much debt I can get out of."

Cedric Maxwell said Antoine didn't play cards until he trained with MJ one summer and implied that started his gambling problem.,226915
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Originally Posted by High Class Scum Bag

7k a week is still not a bad job...
I will go drop 25 on Antoine Walker right now for 7K a week.

I need to go catch me a flight to PR.
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Thats alteast 350k a year if that includes getting paid while not playing, before taxes and bonuses. Decent for old retired good for nothing...
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Originally Posted by High Class Scum Bag

7k a week is still not a bad job...

Not at all. Times that by 52 and he doing better than most of America still...
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I'm sure he has assets that he can liquidate to pay off some of his debt. Hell, write a tell-all book or sell your story. Shop a reality show about playing in PR and trying to get back on top. That'll shave some of the debt.
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