any 18 and up clubs on friday nights in SF?

I think that club on Harrison is something else on Fridays and only City Nights on Saturdays

Wild Card in Oakland has a lot going on over the wkends as well. There are also a few spots in Sunnyvale for the youngins
Life is hard, but so am I​
City nights or should I say @#%$ nights?
Fridays they call it Club X but its still kiddy nights

thursdays theres Glas Kat for 18+
Never been to city night thank god since I always here there is a fight or teens pack the club.
^^^i heard about fanatics but i thought it was only on saturday night.. is it popping on fridays?
Ive been hearing a lot of younger people go to club raw, never been so I couldnt tell you if its fun or not
Life is hard, but so am I​
Clyde Carson is supposed to be performing at Fanatics on the 25th, Saturday

^last time i was at glaskat the pack came by and was on for a while.But for everyone the club is mostly filipinos on thursdays.

City nights always so many fights happening.

i think all check out Fanatics.Its 18+ on saturdays and fridays?
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