Any Advertising Majors On The Niketalks?

Jun 21, 2007
I was just wondering. You have jobs? Still in school? What school? You write copy? Art director?
Graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Advertising. I don't write copy or art direction I work in account services baby sittingmy clients and my creative team.
Stil in school.. but i got 1 year left.. Worked @ FinishLine.. became friends with a few Nike reps.. trynna work there when i graduate..
c how it goes
I graduated with with a major in advertising and a minor in automotive advertising...i live in michigan and thought it would be a good idea......I am aregional marketing manager...basically doing what tex0415 is doing....I make sure my client is happy and make sure the team below me is doing what they aresupposed to do.....

But I also freelance as creative input for a local shop, Burn Rubber in detroit.....
is it true that the advertising industry is slowly dying? i think thats the case for at least print advertising.
I wouldn't say dying; but definitely changing. It's becoming more about interactivity and less about interruptive experiences. Advertising will alwaysbe around as long as people have stuff to sell you.

I'm an Art Director, BTW.
traditional ad industry might be dying, but its just flowing over to new revenue streams, or changing like above poster said.
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