Any Good DirectTV Deals for SF/TheBay? (new subscriber)

Mar 8, 2003
Hey all,

Anyone know of any good/current DirectTV promo deals for new suscribers in SF/The Bay?

I'm making the jump from cable mainly cuz I "have" to (bought a new flatscreen and had to sign up for Direct TV to get an extra $300 off the tv....might cancel later on if i don't like Direct, but i'm committed for a year)

Anyways, please post up if you know of any packages (instant rebate$+regular rebates+credits/discounts off future bills, etc, FREE chit--heard something about portable dvd players, gift cards, etc), yada-yada-yada.

Thanks in advance,


p.s. btw I do know about the slickdeals & fatwallet boards for hunting down deals+bargains & such. it's just too dang confusing going on there cuz some of the deals are regional, so i figured i'd take a shot and see if any of y'all signed on to Direct TV recently too.
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