Any Home Depot Employees?? need some help

Joined Dec 16, 2008
well i went to my first interview last week, it went pretty good cause i had guy laughing and we had some things in common....i heard today that they was gonna call me again for another my question is wat should i expect in the second interview? and when do they drug test?and wat type of drug test is it?
Joined May 1, 2005
Drug Test : Its a urine test, so probably hard drugs.

After my first interview I got the drug test instructions and got hired like 1.5 weeks later..not too sure about the 2nd interview and such..
Joined Jan 29, 2007
Yea, I never got called in for a second interview...

It was just the first interview, then the HR Manager basically gave me the dept I was goina be working in (D28: Seasonal
), the start date for orientation, and the info about the urine test...

The urine test is the most important thing on your list because you cant start work without it... (assuming you get cleared)...

If your 1st interview went well, then I wouldnt even sweat the 2nd one...
Joined Dec 16, 2008
ok good looking out supposed to call today to see was up with my ima ask about the whole next process
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