Any Info on St.Johns University

Oct 10, 2004
Hey niketalk i was planning on enrolling in st.johns queens campus for college in the fall i was just wondering if anyone already goes there, plans on going there or has any info about the campus and just anything that may help my descion

thank you for anything help that is given
I recently visited the Queens campus for an overnight visit on the 24th as part of an accepted students program. I liked the campus because all the buildings were relatively close together considering that the school is pretty big. There were some newer buildings there that were nice and i thought the dorms were some of the nicest I have seen. Also the campus was extremely diverse as far as race and ethnicity and I was told they are one of the most diverse schools in the country. I also sat in on some classes and they seemed really easy to me and I was told that its not that hard to get A's there. That could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on who you ask. Also they give you a free laptop if you go there. My advice would be to check it out and try to do an overnight visit if you still can. Hope this helps.
I attend sju. I'm quite happy here, although I transferred here from a CC in california, so my opinions may be different than people who've lived in new york their whole lives.
But the thing is, nothing really matters.
Graduated in 05. In my humble opinion, its just not worth the money. Communicating with the administration for anything whatsoever is a major pain. As a student, they're pretty much not trying to hear anything you have to say. So much of their policy is poorly thought out, if thought out at all. The dorming and visiting policy is mad strict (you need stupid advanced notice for overnight guests and you have to sign in other DORM STUDENTS from other buildings to your building). Oh, if you're planning on dorming, they kick you out after your sophmore year regardless of your situation (an international student from Africa was denied housing when I was there). And don't get acussed of anything by Public Safety because you are pretty much guilty without anything short of timestamped videotape to prove otherwise. I also know numerous students who were lead to believe that they'd fullfilled all requirments to graduate then notified a week before finals that they were actually short credits. This actually happened to me, but I found a loophole where I was able to shift some credits around to count more than once.

As far as the education, proffessors are hit or miss. The easiest/best teachers classes fill up fast. They have some REALLY GREAT proffessors there, but they also have some REALLY REALLY TERRIBLE ones, and they don't really seem to be concerned with improving them. The rankings and comments on are always spot-on.

Oh, big one - they don't really do @#%$ for you in terms of helping to get you a job after school. Some people don't need that, but I wish they'd of helped me out.

Then again, this could be all colleges, but those traits are definitely St. Johns.

As you can see, I wouldn't really advise anyone to go there unless A) you like to feel like a 2nd class student compared to the athletes or B) you love reggae and want it played proffusely at every party you attend. If it wasn't for my homies (and the crazy amount of skeeos), I woulda just transferred out. Good luck with your desicion and congrats on getting accepted (seriously).

Other stuff-
-all the academic buildings are real close
-1 hour from the city (during the day) by public transportation
-Not that many outside food spots off campus w/ in walking distance
-Dorm cafeteria food is terrible, but I think thats all colleges
-Jamaica Ave is mad close (all the latest kicks, gear, etc)

Talk to some seniors though, maybe things have changed. Talk to random people walking around on campus. They'll give you the most accurate idea.

Hope this helps (LOL @ my long @#%$ post)
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My best friends, a set of twins, go to SJU and are in their second year.

The live off campus in Jamacia and they are already looking to transfer to another school. I dont know what it is exactly that makes them want to leave but I dont think they are too crazy about the school it self.

Good luck man!
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